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Who will die (SPOILERS)

In the latest campaign, we get to vote on who we think will die. I am thinking Roamin because of his double die and his critical success range. Or DeadBones, do you agree or disagree? Let's discuss!


  • I'd vote Roamin since he likes doing crazy things and crit fails, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's Justin since he has so little stamina
  • I too vote for Roamin.
  • I honestly think it could be deadbones because of his death potion for Justin he has ways to turn very bad spells into hopefully less bad spells.
  • The queens gemstaff says being able to survive damage and death rolls will be important while welding its power. I'm guessing it will be similar to empahvision in that it gives power, but costs stamina
  • deadbones in the last act by the death potion

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    My money :frownporc: 

    oh nvm fixed


    I WON! :D
  • so what does winning this do again? It's supposed to be an accolade right?
  • I thought Deadbones would die for sure haha, but yeah! WINNING! 
  • Romain your character won the fate worse than death! If you are on the forms can you tell us how it feels? (btw I feel bad that your character died but I did vote on you so conflict of interest)
  • @Reizel I'm pretty sure it was just the 25k gold.
  • It is also a protrit
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    Everyone was allowed to vote. Winners of the vote would get 25K gold & the portrait, but donating for the event gives you the portrait regardless if you won or lost.
  • its just the 25k gold if im right

    (also won, so thats nice)
  • That means I got 75K Gold now! I'm only less then 250 days away from being able to get a God Avatar. :p
  • @friskyBrisky wait what's a God Avatar? :oh:

  • @TinyBomby rob said some time ago that there might be new avatars coming in the future which are even more expansive then the current ones, and a god avatar is the most expansive one, as its basicly avatars of dragon aspects & divine. (and they cost 100k gold each)
  • @brandon oh wow, I didn't know that, thank you!
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