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Origin of Gnomes Theories (now a inside joke as well)



  • so i went back and watch all episodes of urealms even the lore episode. and no real clues, but i will watch all episodes one more time just to be safe, Robs comment have mayd me too restless to just sit and wait.
  • Their back story is that they have no backstory. Rob's comment was a red herring. 
  • @Myrridias precisely! What's a rich story without some good old fashioned mystery? If I were to begin theorycrafting something like Gnomes, I'd go with my previous post as a starting point :smilebold: 
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    o i love mystery thats why im crafting theorys, but i love seeing my self be wrong and watch as the truth is rewild in front of me even more, so i'm gonna craft and guess until that moment comes @Vilmar_Reliner ;
  • Words of a true scientist/philosopher/wizard/SeekerOfKnowledge @LexderMob Always question everything and attempt to answer that same question in multiple ways that could even contradict each other (especially if you plan on roleplaying). You never know what crazy cool fun ideas you and some friends will come up with! :)
  • you just created my new urealm avatar. you seem like a cool guy, never stop seeking answers and keep on digging deeper :3  @Vilmar_Reliner ;
  • I think that a few Beenu used their robots seen in Zarlin Catacombs and in Unexpected Discovery to change themselves into a race that could survive, i.e. Gnomes.

    It does make sense because they are both very tech-related races.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ ; yeah the Bennu=Gnome theory is a popular one, the only thing that connects the two races is tech sadly, so until we get more information, 
  • I think that the origins of gnomes are somehow related to Dalfgan, maybe they were created as a method of escape, due to their natural magical curiosity which will eventually lead them to him or he just got bored.
  • the Dalfgan theory have some good connections to Nisovin. and gnomes could be a creation of dalfgan? like early attempt of making Ogres @Javo ;
  • Gnomes were Elf children. When the birth of magic happened, they got stuck as their current size and their kids grew to be their small height as well, eventually being considered a separate race.

    Keens were infants at the time
  • i have now watch season 1 and 2 four times and i have nothing, i give up for now, but i will return one day i swear
  • In Warcraft, the Gnomes are mechanoid Titan defenders that were afflicted with the Curse of Flesh. Maybe, for ?? reason, a group of Elemechs (probably not the amusement park ones) were afflicted with a similar "curse" (by an Aspect) during the Birth of Magic event. 

    This would explain the magical nature of Gnomes (being so handy with magical trinkets and magic in general) since Elemechs are Elementals (manifestations of excess primal energies / magic) bound to a robotic exterior.

    The Bennu were eliminated for their sins, however since the Elemechs probably weren't directly responsible they were granted salvation. The carnival Elemechs were just left alone. But the more important / active / involved group of Elemechs may have been optionally given a flesh body, or perhaps the crazy burst of various magic energies caused a magical reaction with those Elementals and incidentally mutated them into the Gnomish figures we see today.
  • My current theory on Gnomes is that they just came into existence via Believers. There was no origin story to tell, because there wasn't one in the book. Some Gnomes just suddenly existed, and then more were born from those original ones.
  • I believe in the BTS of Okagnoma Guild Hall Rob said that they want the mystery of Gnomes coming out of nowhere to remain a mystery forever, but frankly I really like a lot of these theories.
  • @Vilmar_Reliner ;  i haven't thought of it that way. maybe they at least have taken inspiration from that? it´s a theory
  • @Eeveeiott I wonder if @Rob and the crew actually have an answer to their origin or if they didn't bother making one sense its a secret?
  • well we kind of got it confirmed that Gnomes have a Origin? as Rob comment that and i quote "Gnomes have the best backstory. Both me and Deadbones agree it's our favorite one" 
  • I'm kinda with @Viizko on this one as well. It's probably just a huge inside joke intended to stir us crazy with all these conspiracy theories ^-^
  • that wouldn't be much of a joke do?
  • Gnomes were made during one of Thor's drunken benders but secretly.
  • theory by WritingWyvern Since the latest campaign I have been thinking about gnome's origin, and I have a idea. My idea is that the Beenu created them, now during the latest campaign we learn that the Beenu where killable and some elves have killed them for one reason or another. Now there could be other events/reasons for the Beenu to hate the elves or high bears, if not all some could hate the other races. So some may have a grudge against the elves and maybe their god. Either way they created many war machine, with all of their intelligent they could have made something new like the gnomes.

    The reason why they could create them is vary, they could be trying to prove them selves equal to the gods by making their own race, or made some kind of new slave race. What ever the reason, they created the gnomes and did not like them, because they just look like vary small elves. They might not have thought they would be that great, because of there size, so they kept them on ice.

    Soon after the birth of magic happens, now a Beenu did say they sort of cause it, and we now know that, any of the dragons aspects or divines might be a little mad at them. Anyone of them could have curse them to stop having kids or a sickness killing them. What ever reason they where slowly dying out, they might have started back up plans. One of them is releasing their experiments into the world, this could explain why they have high intelligence and who knows what the Beenu could have done to them. 

    To summarizes I believe that Beenu created the gnomes for one reason or another, and release them as they where dying out. Now they might have just done this to have something of them live on, but that's boring i hope all the gnomes have some sort of brain command that turn them all crazy and murderous, or maybe just make them want to steal sun key to cause chaos.  
  • a new theory have emerged, they have the same type of origin as the Elves, when Phanto created the elves it was described as if they exploded out of his body. so maybe when he died, the not yet fully form elves in him was relist in to the world as a tiny elf Race aka Gnomes. and this Gnomes had not emerged in a stable form so it took a while before they were able to fully become a proper civilization, because of this unstable creation they were unable to fully remember their creation, hence the mystery surrounding their creation.
  • i like to think that gnomes literally just popped out of nowhere one day and started doing things.

    no creator, no essence of the beenu, just empty air, and then suddenly gnomes. they didn't even question their sudden existence, they just got straight to building, inventing, and populating.
  • What if they just don't exist?

    Maybe everybody is in a collective psychosis and whenever a "'gnome" interacts with the physical world it is just someone else doing it but both perceive it as a third party did it.
    (Like when you think that the 10 bucks for your crappy tooth was brought by the Tooth Fairy instead of your parents but in this case they also genuinely believe it was done by the Fairy.)
  • I'm like 1000% sure they just came into existence one time for a reason that A) we will never find out or B) there is no reason. Y'all gotta remember this is rob we're dealing with, and anyone who's watched his Pokémon series knows this is the exact kinda shit he'd do to troll his fans 
  • @Adsein  i have more faith in Robe than that! he mentioned that it was his and Deadbons favorite origin. and if that's the case it would be a very Shitty origin to have as a favorite, it's like saying that this one time joke that will only be funny ones is my favorite. then the joke is told and now we stuck with that one origin that isn't funny anymore and cant be built upon so we are just stuck here. it would just be a bad joke that doesn't lead anywhere, and i believe that Rob have proven that he is a better story teller than that. so i can't wait to see what Rob's favorite origin really is,
  • Isn't it obvious, Jimmies, the gnomes came from the future. How else would we not know the gnomes origins? Why, they haven't originated yet!

    I thought that was WarCraft Dwarves, not WarCraft Gnomes's origins.
  • @AlternateWraph  gnomes from the future? i guess that's a possibility, but i feel like there is a paradox problem that would need to be solved with that theory.
  • hmmm do we have a list of all the dived (other then bopen because if he is a dived is still not know) 
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