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Sallazhar Is trying to leave a good impression on the old gods!

So I haven't seen this theory yet in the fanbase however someone may have come up with it so I'm go ahead and post it. As many of you know Sallazhar is the one gifting us with gold and exp for the fourm. My theory is this is Sallazhar doing what he does to everyone he meets to make a good impression, he is throwing us golden coins. So my theory is that if Sallazhar we're to die we would no longer gain exp or gold because Sallazhar would no longer be throwing us those golden coins. I'm not sure leave your thoughts in the comments  :) 


  • really doubt it. But if that were to happen that would be a really cool meta storyline for sure.
    Such a cool idea of utilizing the forum as a medium of storytelling.
  • I don't want to live in a world, where Sal doesn't flip random people a gold coin. When introducing himself.
  • Maybe Sallazhar is doing this to gain favour with the old gods? Perhaps in order for us to ensure his life, and art work. With all the divine decisions and what not, you would be less inclined to harm the guy paying you, right? 
  • That was exactly my thought! @CPTSKIM ;
  • that is interesting
  • ...Do you think that if we killed Sallazar, accidentally or otherwise, would we get any more campaign rewards? Would we get cut off? Maybe Rawb will have to make someone else to give out the goodies.
  • I like this theory, but I personally saw him flipping that coin as a meta coin flip, where heads is a critical success and tails is a critical failure. That'd give more meaning to his ominous smile after it landed, as he knows the outcome will be in his favor. 
  • he'd damn well better be making a good impression on us. We're the old gods, after all
  •  Sallazhar is a smart man he knows who he needs as his ally and who he does not need to befriend 
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