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So... Porbo... (And other old characters)

Anybody remember Porbo? Or even Philipe (or however it is spelled)? I personally fell in love with Porbo and have been naming gaming accounts after him as a tribute to the show. Last we saw of him was this ambiguous ending to Porc Hunters. It's one of those things that aren't important to central lore but has been bugging me recently. Any ideas if Rob is gonna bring this one back or if he is just going to leave it open-ended until like season 11? I think he got out of the mirror but I'm unsure where he would be today. Also if there are any other old characters that anyone remembers let's have a nostalgia trip!


  • It's always fun to think about old characters who can come back, Like Captain Rick Snot and his 2 goblins, Marco and Polo. Last seen riding a ship off into the sunset.
  • @RaHuHe I almost forgot about them wow, I loved that show!
  • How could you forget about Captain Rick Snot dungeoneer extraordinaire!
    Especially his "Ahem!" so memorable. Also the gobo twins were awesome, hope we get some player goblin characters again with the next 3 seasons.
  • I remember Porbo. I was disappointed that his plot line was never picked up... But I've been quite thrilled with the direction Urealms has gone since season 1. And now, I kind of prefer Porbo being a mythical legend. "Something happened, but we don't know what." I've drafted a campaign setting for that plot, but I won't make it public until I'm happy with the things I wrote.

    I'd really like to hear more about Trandon Barringster though. He has a fantastic character story of "assuming" the identity of random people like a Bugs Bunny goof! We haven't seen him since the first Tower of Ultimate Wizardry campaign. And I'd very much like to see the manipulative and mischievous Trandon again sometime. Dragon egg or no.

    In relation to "inactive" plot threads. I quite like how Rob seems to have several story arcs potentially existing throughout the Urealms lore. The season one finale really set the stage for some of the things happening right now. I don't take the lore of the show too too seriously. But I appreciate that there is some continuity between campaigns. Rob has created an excellent delivery system for climatic storytelling like "The Silvermine Mountains" "The Purge" and "Den of Devils". It is excellent world building, and it always keeps me anxious to see what callback might happen next. Like elves throwing dirt on the ground as a means of respecting slain comrades.
  • I think Rob may end up bringing back some of the old plotlines we never explored once we end up finishing the story he wants to tell about the Grand Paladin Order and Bopen.

    However, we already know that we have a Deadlantis campaign in... Season five?
    Who knows, with the addition of the DeadRealms, maybe we can get some silly shenanigans with the characters we miss from season one, in High definition!
  • Yeah I feel like it was hinted at that DeadRealms is going to give them an opportunity to bring back a lot of those old quirky and fun characters/those that died "too soon" for lack of better words. I'm really excited for the future of it.
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    You mentioned Philhipé but Philhipé is dead. Though there's always Dead Realms.
  • I really do hope they get around to tying up those loose ends eventually. They were definitely some very interesting stories. I really want to see more of Templeton Barringster, the first Barringster introduced to the show. We see a lot of Xavius and others, but never him. :C
  • I would like to see the Kobold Headhunters or the mercenaries from Blood Snake Queen return so we could learn more about them. Also is Jack krystall dead? I’m a bit confused about that part because there were so many Kobold tiles/believers and time anomalies that idk if he really died, this is from the sandbenders campaign.
  • Ian Bates never got a chance.
  • As far as we know yes he is dead @Mega_muncher
  • Porbo rock!
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