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Card sizes for custom class abilities

So I've finally got around to making a custom class that one of my players requested (its based around the operator "Bandit" from r6:siege) but Im having one hell of a time importing the cards in to TTS. I can easily get them in to the game, however they are always hugely bigger than the official cards. I can't seem to work out if it's due to the deck size values, card size values, or its scaling to the image size itself. Anyone with more experience, I welcome your help greatly (or even if there's another thread with an explanation that i've missed that you could point me to) <-- a link to the custom class cards, if that helps any,


  • Create a stack of 2 URealms cards and place one or more custom cards ontop of it, that is how i made the KonRealms cards the same size as the URealms cards.
  • @Konpaatre Oh you champion, thank you very much! Its an odd work around but I'll take it. Thanks for the quick reply bud.
  • Having done a lot of custom card work myself, I can tell you that the official URealms cards are themselves scaled down. If you go to the scale, rotate, or any other transform tool and simply click on a card, it will open a transform menu that lets you change the position, rotation, and scale numerically.

    (Example image property of Berserk Games)

    Official URealms cards are scaled X: 0.69; Y: 1.00; Z: 0.69 (given how meme-y the forums get sometimes, I'd like to stress that these ARE the actual numbers, not a meme). I've found the 2-card trick Konpaatre outlined to be inconsistent in some cases for reasons that I understand, so if that fails or you find yourself importing large numbers of cards then hopefully you find this helpful; regardless, you now know why newly imported cards are much bigger than the official URealms cards! :smile: 

  • @GypsyCow Oh~ Thanks for that. Will keep it in mind in case the other method doesnt work! At least its easy values to remember~
  • @CPTSKIM No problem. I like poking around behind the scenes with stuff like this, so I'm always happy to share what I know.

    Class identity cards and race cards (the bigger ones) are different, btw. I believe they're upscaled to 1.21 X and Z (double check this if you use the transform method as I'm not positive of this one), so keep that in mind if you're working with those card sets.
  • thanks again! Toying with making a new race as one of my players wants there to be humans (despite my protests, but there ya go) So working on a card for Amazonian like people who can't cast magic directly, but instead must do so through their weapon. @GypsyCow
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