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New Compainian Passives

I was just thinking about what end of the round effect comes first. Whether a Clockodile or a Elemental effect happens first changes a lot about the combat field


  • That's a good question!  Maybe they should just go alphabetical for simplicity's sake? Or try to just make all active at once, possibly even for combos or interrupting.
  • I still feel like if you have a porc them activating at the same time makes it feel even worse for a player. My biggest worry, is if there are two affects from the same creature how do you determine which goes first
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    Well, I believe that, thats for the gm to decide

    If they decide that Player 1's companions come before player 2's companions, then player 3's companion, and so on. 

    If you're worried about the order, then, its also up to the gm to decide it

    If the gm wants the effects to happen all at the same time, then that's what happens. But if the gm wants to go in an order, like from Left to right, then top to bottom, depending on how many companions a player has. Then that's how it will go

    And on the same note, then if a porc has it's 2 passives, it's up to the gm on which goes first, or if they happen all at the same time. Or if the gm was really nice, they'd let the player pick which one goes off first

    It's up to the gm
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