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I fucking Called it

I dont remember where but I deffinatlely called it. I said that when the mod went up it'd be immidiatly featured aaaaand of course


  • @OlympianHeros wow you're  genius you predicted that the people will like the thing this entire website is built upon. Your just ahead of our time dude mind=blown
  • @sofakinggood Dont be rude let him have this
  • @Bjort Meh its fine. If Rawb says hes being a dick then oh well
  • @OlympianHeros Well We silent lurkers Validate you :dank: 

  • I mean the TTS devs watch urealms apparently so it really isn't that surprising. Also I heard from somewhere they made changes in the past to make TTS more accommodating a platform for the show because they like the show and realize it is great for advertising. So if that's true and I'm not pulling it out of my ass then TTS was made for this mod
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