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Dead Realms Puppet Database

edited September 2018 in General Discussion
Hi I'm Jack (Though you can see my username I don't know why I said that) I'm a moderator for the URealms Wiki and am the person who always gathers all the puppet images for every campaign. Unfortunately due to the non-canoness of Dead Realms the Wiki will not be covering Dead Realms, but thinking that people may want these images for memes or whatnot I went ahead and grabbed them for you people! I hope you enjoy if you plan on using them for any reason! I plan of doing this for every Dead Realms campaign.

If you want to find puppet images of URealms characters you can find them uploaded to the wiki. Here is a good place to look. 

Once again, hope you enjoy!


  • B L E S S

  • You are amazing thank you ♥ ♥ ♥
  • the Wiki will not be covering Dead Realms
    Is there a non-canon wiki, or perhaps a general Rawb Moran wiki that Deadrealms could be written up on?
  • @Sixelona @Emperor Thanks for the kind words!

    @DrPubbles As for your question, to my knowledge there isn't one. The wiki did discuss having a sort of thing but we were told there wasn't a need to by Rob. I remember a long time ago there being a Buffalo Wizards Wiki that had info on LoM but I'm not sure if it's still up. If fans do go ahead and make one then I will provide the puppets for it.
  • Huh, that's a little weird.
    I suppose if it doesn't matter, there's no reason to make a wiki for it...

    But then again, Gobos of Pat still has a wiki page, and that is definitely no longer canon. Are there plans to get rid of that one eventually, or is it just staying? I suppose that was a different situation, but I think it's interesting. Is it because it was supposed to be canon, and then later changed?
  • There's a difference @Ninjathis ;

    Gobos of Pat is a book story, which still means that the events of the campaign are canon, but only in the book. This means that the characters can come back as Believers.

    DeadRealms is a different story. Deadrealms takes place in another dimension, and Rob has stated that the campaigns themselves are not canon.
  • If anybody wanted a wiki for deadrealms we could start one on wikia.
  • Hi, for those few of you that are waiting for me to upload the Dead Realms puppets from the latest campaign I wanted to explain why they'll be coming later than last time. I've been a bit busy and was in Connecticut all weekend and haven't gotten to edit them yet. I also haven't finished watching the newest Dead Realms campaign so at the latest expect me to upload them by Friday.
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