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Dead Realms Thread: Moon Mission



  • I actually missed a show this year...
  • @Mulliganwizard Same, although I was around at the very beginning. I had to leave when CC started, though.
  • I loved the show; I thought everyone, especially Deadbones did a great job. I was worried at the start that the dice would get too annoying with constant interruptions but they ended up fine once everyone calmed down.
  • Just finished watching it; this was a fun campaign all around, but I can see the reasons why it's not Canon.

    Since this campaign didn't have a lot in terms of events and animations, I wonder if the next Campaign is going to be massive?
  • @friskyBrisky
    Well, isn't the next campaign supposed to be the season finale (If we disregard the 11th campaign where we create a divine)
  • @Phendrix ;
    I believe next campaign is still Campaign 9? I'm not 100% sure, but I think that's still the case.
  • @BenjaminDanard Legendary Spells are meant to be a powerful and rare thing. Handing them out like candy, especially when the players won't know what they're using, can be rather dangerous. For instance, some of these Legendary Scrolls will kill the caster (i.e. Rebirth and Final Gift) while others have range problems, such as Erase having a melee range of 1 or Greater Pyroblast being a 99 line that is 7 wide, risking the death of other players from having no way to avoid it beforehand.
  • @Phendrix uhm no Dead Realms campaigns do not count as URealms campaigns?
  • @friskyBrisky Dead Realms campaigns are supposed to be more fun and relaxed and they are not meant to have animations. The next URealms campaign will be like the other URealms campaigns you've seen.
  • Pause screaming when he casted Pyroblast was the hardest I've laughed at this show for a long time, he committed to it so well, great moment
  • This is by far my favourite Dead Realms campaign yet.
  • @Meganzoor
    I see. Good to have that clarified! 
  • Missed the show live, but am catching up now. Just wanted to point out that I find it very interesting that out of the 4 campaigns Deadbones has GM'd, 3 of them have contained mute characters (Battle of the Bards and Moon Mission both had Mimes, and Death of Virgo had Simon, the mute squire). Coincidence? Probably, but it's a neat fun fact nonetheless.
  • I missed the live show but I am loving what I've seen on youtube so far.  Prize rolls are hilarious, Deadbones voices/GMing is perfect, the characters were great.  I love me some silly shenanigans.

    Btw, does anyone know what song the intro/outro music is from?  I know its not a song I've heard before but it sounds familiar (and for some reason gives me this joy/nostalgia/melancholy emotional experience).
  • @Rob my Favorite part about this is that your black boar should have had 80 stam. from your armor because of your attribute but you told deadbones you only got 30. #Simoneat50   

    But this was  an amazing campaign you just deserved to know your pork lives on in my heart .
  • @UltraDream To be fair, everyone at the table missed that and it wouldn't have ended up coming into play. Simone just wasn't meant for this world.
  • This doesn't work because Dead Realms isn't canon, but wouldn't it be crazy if instead of dying again, Simone was actually brought back to life/reincarnated into the URealms universe and him getting dusted was because he could not longer exist in the Dead Realms?
  • @SquareoftheLightOnes I know it will probably not be like this, but if time flowed differently in deadrealms then maybe Simone was still recently deceased and they got resurrected back into Urealms.
  • @WayofTime Dead bones mentioned it when it first flipped. But none the less I agree. Still a heck of a good time it was.
  • A Businessman walks into a party shop
    he asks the owner "What you selling"
    the owner says "we sell anything and everything funny."
    Businessman then asks "How much for those big shoes, colorful dress, crazy hair, and that flower pin?"
    The owner thinks about it and says "About 77gold coins, what are you using them for."
    The Businessman stops and Yells "..."

    This is my first riddle on the forums, answer it what the businessman would say, do so and the first one who answers it will be remembered in the book of this Cryptic Oracle.
  • Official Clown Business
  • ( @Jakodio )
    Congratulations friend, you have solved my first riddle, it was an easy one, but neither the less you solved it, more will come. You name will be remembered as the first of many solvers hopefully.
  • @Reizel

    Highest Character Death rate is likely Milbee
  • Would love to see Pause become another player on the official show for a few campaigns.
  • @Cloud I believe Rob will keep the standard urealms for the main cast, but is planning to let Pause come in deadrealms (he will also be in the next one btw)
  • edited August 2018
    How do you know? @BlackWhiteCavias
  • @Sweatingdwarf123

    I believe he Rob has at some points said Pause would at least for now only be in Deadrealms.
    (for the Pause being in the next part, that has been said in streams)
  • is there a dead realms tomorrow? last saturday of the month so i guess so but i haven't seen any mention looking around
  • @Shane I'm hearing there will be. Not entirely sure myself, but I'm pretty sure there will be.
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