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What are some theories or predictions you've made that never came true?

It happens to everyone, something happens that you think will be alluding to X, but instead Y actually happens, or the topic is seemingly dropped altogether, or maybe you just thought a character was more / less important then they turned out being. It's happened for me in TV shows, Webcomics, and of course, even URealms.

So what are some predictions, theories, or other thoughts you've had for URealms in the past?

Personally, back at the end of season one with the Silvermine Mountains, and early season two with the Woodcarvers, i thought that the awakening of Golestandt was going to be a major plot-point for the rest of Season 2, likely with Golestandt's rampage having some sort of effect in any future campaigns, or future campaigns in some way based around Gwenith, Kallark, and the Woodcarvers gathering allies and hunting down the death-dragon to either end him permanently, or put him back to sleep. Since woodcarvers though, Golestandt has really only ever had two "appearances", a brief mention in Senate of Deadlantis for a vote on wether or not to try and capture or tame him to produce more ageless, and a mention in the introduction video for Grand Paladin Order that stated he was the one who caused the Ageless horde the Paladins had to fight for the main plot.

Maybe Golestandt was supposed to be given more attention early on but elements such as the introduction of Bopen caused interest in him to wane, or maybe i just over-anticipated the Dragon's effects. Either way he apparently didn't end up as the large world-threat i thought he'd be.

What didn't happen for you guys?


  • My theory is that the skeleton named Bopen isn’t an actual being, it’s just a dead skeleton that got controlled by the sword. For example, when his head was crushed and destroyed, he didn’t die, nor did it really affect him. For an ageless, or any being for that matter, it would have ended him. But what was still intact was the sword and so the skeleton Bopen wouldn’t stay down for good. Bopen isn’t a god, he died many years ago. The real source of his “soul” is the sword who has been using his dead body as a body to use for the moment. And just like Sweatingdwarf123 mentioned, we saw the sword being formed. So the blacksmith sealed the true god or the ageless into the sword. But all being said, this theory has many holes and kind of sucks.
  • That's kind of a "still ongoing" theory though. I'm talking more theories or speculations that have either been proven wrong or kinda didn't go anywhere. Like thinking Philipe would come back only to have it turn out that he's canonically dead. 
  • early on i had a Nisovin theory about it existing 3 of him and that they where rivals with different aliments, but now a day we know there are more than just 3 of him, and the idea of it existing the Good, the Evil, and the Neutral Nisovin, like the aliments in D&D seem to go against robs ways to do things in the show. 
  • Roamin or at least Justin would destroy the Junkyosha during The Last Beenu, creating an impossible battle with Golestandt if they ever had to fight. Also, MY SHIPS WITH ROAMIN AND BEI.

  • I had a theory that the Beenu’s downfall related to the technology they made, it happens in other stories ( I think it happened in Owl boy and the Beenu were similar to the owls)
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