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What do you wish to see in the Dead Realms?

I personally hope we get to see some familiar faces that have died. Dave to give an example. And of course some more silly ideas and encounters. They have been talking about being allowed to go a bit extra crazy in the Dead Realms, so I would like Deadbones to take it to the limit. But that´s just me, what do you want to see?


  • Gwyneth Sunsword!

  • All the Dragon Aspects. 
  • Golestandt's Kickstand!
  • McCoy and Sonya meet and compare arms :p
  • edited June 2018
  • I wish to see Rob and Pause completely derailing the campaign of Deadbones.
  • Everyone's favourite drunken child.
  • Carlos the funk
  • I want to see.... Tambok. Not his special friend show, just Tambok.
  • 6.89 million crabs in a giant pile randomly 

  • @Snarky
    that's no surprise. albert all the way
  • Canon stuff.

    Now this is completely contradictory to the point of deadrealms in that it allows guests to be a part of urealms and not mess with the lore due to not being canon.

    But what would be super fun to me is if they make a super crazy world and then at some point far down the line allow some form of interaction between deadrealms and urealms.

    ie a mirror that quintara lotus owns in urealms that allows the user to gaze into the deadrealms.

    Being the dragon aspect of chaos she never actually uses it for practical things, but rather just kind of a wink to the audience that deadrealms exists.

    Outside of a thing that goes against the point of deadrealms seeing stuff from the urealms lore streams such as book people who are literal books or even better yet handsome squidward bee t-rex monstrosities.
  • @ThePhatSass ; i like your ideas, could see them be fun.
  • Dave, also maybe the sandbolds
  • A whole lot of goblins... 

    Yeah.... that societal stance has gotta have ended up turned around I bet
  • Yumi's Band of Thieves
  • i like the direction Deadbones is taking the dead realms, so knowing that he is playing up the Phantos is the sun in the dead realms idea, i would like to see how he plays around with Phantos blessing to the elves in the dead realms, just like how he plays up how the moonbears is lacking Kallistos blessing.
  • honestly i'm not too interested in the Deadrealms.

    I don't know where it came from, but i somehow got the impression that there was no afterlife for URealms, so when a character died, that was just it for them. Since the Deadrealms is non-canon, it doesn't matter that the characters can show up in there again, because from a canon perspective, they're still gone completely.

    mainly just hoping there isn't any crossover between the two TBH, like someone in the deadrealms contacting the living world for example.
  • @TamTroll

    Rob and team seem to have a very clear design restraint on that sort of thing. They want dead to be dead. That's why there are no "resurrection" abilities. Rob has mentioned it a few times in Behind the Scenes videos. And Rob has previously said in those videos, that there isn't really an afterlife in Urealms. I think that necromancy of an intelligent sort would violate the design of Urealms, in other words. I very much doubt there will ever be communication with dead characters, as that would cheapen the impact of death. I suppose a caveat would be a dead character's diary that is convenient exposition for a story.
  • @CongenialVirus ;
    Hate to be the bearer of bad news... but: resurrection
  • @MasterDJV 1. They're ageless, so it's not a perfect or even arguably good resurrection. 
    2. Like Greater Lay on Hands, this is only for the 'recently' deceased, so there's no time for death's impact to set in.
  • Dead anime character campain, or pokemon that died in rawbs nuzlock like bipen or bob
  • This isn't really Dead Realms but I would really love if DB made some small scale in universe campaigns, something that we haven't had in a long while. Like how we first thought BoT was and how BSQ is. I feel like it would make Urealms feel a whole lot bigger if we just got mini adventures that don't pertain to the rest of the story.
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