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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • I have 10 minutes until I have to start leaving to universal (Family surprised me :drunk: ) So I'll be gone for 2 days so I sketch up something really fast.

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    I've been following this forum for a while now, and I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon. I can't draw people, but i'm decent at landscape. So, i'm just gonna dump a bunch of them now.
  • @Qu33nAce Haha I don't think I could bear one a day and still get to 100! If I have to draw another hand before I die it will be too soon lol.

    @Melijeli Love it when you pop in! The pixel art looks great, I really love all the detail you put into the mace especially. ;)

    @Javo The colours are great man! Goldfish is really cute too.

    @Pufflemore That's really cool man, welcome to the cool club. If you don't mind me asking, what's the project about?

    @TheGallantKnight Everyone knows that orange juice is a gateway drink. Have fun at universal!

    @SirTimmsly These are really cool. I really like the villages and stuff, it is a part of a larger project? On an urelated note, that sketchbook looks really nice too.

    I miss a day and suddenly the thread gets busy :o. More hands, 10 more to go and then back to something more interesting probably.


  • @Femmipoo
    it is to draw the 6 dragon aspects as a anime (i depeating if they should all be gals or give Ourours a hearmed) and i am working on Valungra 
  • @Pufflemore Sounds cool, I look forward to seeing more! :p

    Finally finished my self imposed hand challenge. It was definitely helpful but I don't know if 100 was really necessary. That being said I still think thumbs are the most confusing thing in the world. In any case, keen to draw something different next ;)

  • @Femmipoo
    well if so here is a picture of it but i not done with it yet :P,
  • Thank you Femmipoo, and no it isn't part of a larger project but I do base it off Ireland, and a bunch of other places similar, as I most enjoy places in the cold countryside of Europe. 

    P.S. The Sketch Book is a 2017, Medium Red Moleskin  :)
  • Here are two more!

  • @Pufflemore Looks great! You have an interesting process.

    @SirTimmsly That's cool! Personally I can't stand the cold but there's definitely some beautiful landscapes around there! Thanks for info on the sketchbook too! :)

    @Javo Consider me spooped. Hands look good and the staff is really interesting!

    Here's two. Sketchbook page and then just a doodle because I was a bit short for time. Got some new pc parts but I absolutely could not get my hard drive to clone to my new ssd so I had to do a totally fresh install of windows. Pretty sure everything's up and running again though. :o



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    @SirTimmsly ;
    The landscapes look great. :smile: 

    @Pufflemore ;
    It looks pretty good. :dank: 

    @Javo ;
    The cane looks really cool(Reminds me of swain from league of legends) and the hands are really well made.

    Happy that your pc is working now, and the sketches are great.

    I just got back and did the outlining for the next character (I'll color them tomorrow).
    (The original sketch is on the side, and I think I like it better in its previous art style but everything has to be consistent for the game I'm making, so oh well.

    Also I just realized that the thread is gilded..... :wow: 
  • I put the portraits in the game and they looked to dull to use, and the models weren't my favorite to make, so I decided to go and just use my favorite to make art style for the game.

    its not done yet but I like it.

  • Here are two more! Not my finest works, but still good enough for now

  • So I did a few more pixel art things and I'm super happy, I did have a concept for a drawing yesterday but I had no internet so I couldn't use a reference and it flopped, I pretty happy with both of them and again everyone's art is looking great!
    I looked up random colour pallets for the hair and so I have named her Lavender in honour of her purple to silver hair gradient. 
    Lavender Girl with pie L and bread R
    A random Avatar I made in the name of my pupper, Bob.
    King Bob random avatar

  • @TheGallantKnight Loving the game stuff dude. Have you pixeled any of the other characters?

    @Javo I like the details on the second one a lot!

    @Pufflemore Looks cool dude, who's next? :)

    @Melijeli That may be the cutest pupper I've ever seen in my life. The pixel art is looking fantastic as well though  :p

    Been busy but here's some stuff. Very descriptive, I know :o



  • @Femmipoo
    it is quntrara locst 
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    @Melijeli ;

    Lavender looks amazing, and the bob icon is really cute and well made. (Bob is adorable) 

    I love the plants, and I still have no clue on how people make animals.... :oh: 

    98/356? (Do I count it)

    I'm going to try to get something else out in about 7 hours (Scratch that) so hang tight. Also Can someone knit-pick this for me (not the background but the character. The background is a placeholder until it's put into the game) since I don't know if it's game ready

  • Here are two more, a landscape and a creature!

  • @Femmipoo ;
    Them cats though, I also love triangle plant it looks so dynamic and different to the more everyday plants.

    @TheGallantKnight ;
    She's looking really good, the only thing I could think of that might add something might be adding a few highlights in some places they don't have to be crazy but it might just add a little sparkle. I love her face though it's so beautiful and dainty, you're doing so well.  :)

    All of your drawings have been looking great, I love seeing all of your little creations  :D

    I'm working on a few fun little projects that may or may not work but on some of the days I appear this week I'll throw some new-ish unseen drawings in here have a great evening  :p
  • @Pufflemore Very cool! :)

    @TheGallantKnight Re: Do I count it? I think it's fine. There's plenty different from the wip you posted before. As for nitpicks, I think the necklace could be shinier and her hair/chin could cast a darker shadow to match the shadows on the clothing. I think the hair could look cool with yellow-orangey highlights (airbrush/soft maybe?). Definitely looking cool though. Have you done any programming for your game yet?

    @Javo The creature is kinda cute! I hope it doesn't bite  :p

    @Melijeli Thank you! The triangle plant is actually the top plant but drawn with triangles :o . Looking forward to seeing what you've got :wink: 

    More plants, trees this time. I got a not-quite-as-cheap-as-usual sketchbook last week and the paper is really nice for ink. Markers look splotchy but I'm 99% sure that's because I'm not very careful when I use them and it's not the paper's fault lol.


  • Here is another one for today!

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    So.... my family told me just now that were going camping (I haven't gone camping in 3 years so this will be fun)  when I'm trying to catch up on the art, and in the middle of one right now.... I'll be gone for a week but I'll try to draw while camping and post it when I get back. So I'll just show what I was working on...

    Tom (Remake and not finish with no mouth.... yeah)

    So I should be at the same pace as long as I can draw while camping..... hopefully.
  • @Javo Does it say "Live Grow"? Been a while since I've translated anything in elvish. Looks cool, too.

    @TheGallantKnight Looking good so far man. Have fun camping :)

    I've actually been a day behind for like two weeks or something now so here's three now to set it straight. Sketchbook page and two cats.



  • why do I have to work in 10 minutes? because the world is evil and doesn't revolve around URealms for some weird reason  :*(

    I have put all my crap on hold because of work which is great I might get to see the stream end who knows let's see if I can do anything before I go on holiday in 2 weeks  :\

    Have fun guys!  :D
  • Here's another one, a potion!

  • @Melijeli Working on the weekend sucks! I missed it as well :*(

    @Javo I like how you did the bottle lines! The little glow-y bits on the inside are neat as well.

    A classic, the bouncing ball. It's been a long, long time since I've animated but I felt like it today so here we are.


  • Here are a couple more! First is a solid geode (I thought the sketch was nicer), second is a bloodied axe, and third is some sort of candle/flame demon.
    Also, @Femmipoo sorry for not answering your question a few days back, it does say live grow, because I didn't leave enough space for proper English/elvish grammar

  • Here are some more!

  • Here are two more! Some sort of sand monster (kind of like a sludge monster) and a sand hourglass fish.

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