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How many high bears can ride on a whelpling?

Title explains itself, I thought of this now I must know. How many?!


  • Depends on the size of the whelpling and highbears. 1 to 5 highbears can ride a whelpling I would say.
  • Is the whelpling an African Swallow? That could change things. Other than that I'd say at least 3 highbears. Whelplings might fly using magic thou hmmm.
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    Well like 3 gnomes could ride a highbear. So the tile ration is 1:3. For a ratio of 1:4(2x2). (5x5)/(2*2) = 6.25. So now we know how much larger we can get we can multiply. So 18.75 gnomes per whelpling. Divide by 4 and: 4.8675 Highbears per whelpling.

    I have no idea whether that math is wrong. I'm too busy mourning waluigi not being in smash.
  • Depends if you want the whelpling to fly while the highbears are riding it
  • Does the welpling need to be alive and able to move after?
  • @StealthInel yes a European welpling could never carry 3 highbears

    P.S. i love the reference!
  • guys, I have done the math, and if I did it correctly, it should be 77.
  • You can never be a true fan until you do the math on how many highbears can ride on a whelpling
  • According to my math, a high bear is 4 tiles(2x2) and a whelpling is 16(4x4). I conclude that 4 highbears can fit on a whelpling. The amount of highbears that can ride on a whelpling, though, is all determined on how much weight a whelpling can carry on its back. We can conclude from this that there would be 4 stacks of highbears. I have estimated that about 19 highbears can fit on each stack before they would topple over. That is about 76 highbears in total(19x4). We would require one highbear to hold the stacks together in case of turbulance while the whelpling flies. This brings us a grand total of 77 highbears per whelpling. 
  • I think the real question here is how many welplings can ride a high bear?
  • At least 7 or 6.
  • A high bear can fit as many whelplings on its back that wish to ride it.
  • Depends on the whelpling and the high bears
  • ^But this Whelpling can carry at least 5
  • A highbear can carry 6-7 whelplings, and each whelpling can carry highbears that can carry whelplings. So you can make as large of a stack as you want.
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