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Proof Rob hates me

Just rolled my third one for daily XP no possible alternative rob hates me 


  • Are you sure it's not k1?
  • Jokes on you i dont roll for gold
  • ROB save this man
  • Did you try the #notricks thing
  • Dude I understand there's some humour to this, but you think Rob is gonna be super happy if he sees this thread which wastses his time? He's already super busy , having worked on the mod and he already told us how he is walking a fine line been wanting to engage either the community and not engaging.

    However, there is one alternative; Karma
  • I think you need to look deeper. This goes beyond Rob, you have to see who is pulling his strings. Follow the money, where does he get his money from? Only then will you find the puppeteers who have conspired against you!
  • third one? or third one in a row? I have had 4 or 5 ones at this point. still kinda wished it reduced your gold/xp by 1
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