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Drawing on MSPAINT while sick

I'm currently sick in bed with a bad respiratory problem. I keep shaking and my tablet is currently not updated so I decided to draw some character ideas ( very vague ) for URealms. I've been drawing in a small window with a mouse while my favorite campaign plays. I'll post them while I'm sick.  :bopen: 


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    A Black Boar narcoleptic Dreamweaver with gemling minions and gemskin armor. I have his entire character planned and I think he would make a good RNG based boss because of his stun problems but high damage and talent. I only drew a bad sprite for him but here it is.
  • An Ageless deformed/barbed skin/iron skin Elf who was kicked from his family and every other race after the birth of magic, he's an Elf from before the birth of magic. He takes care of a Gobolf with a regenerative skin problem who is also ageless but frail, and waits for a time when he and goblins/gobolfs/ageless will be accepted. Hidden away from the Grand Paladins and Bopen who are unaware of his existence. He's tough but doesn't really fight unless something bothers his Gobolf friend. Image is kind of gross, I made his skull shape when I coughed unexpectedly and designed a character based off of that scribble.
  •  :D v cool
    What campaign? 
  • These are pretty good, very awesome
  • These are both really good! You digital artists have all kinds of tricks and know how to draw pretty things. I myself can only aspire to draw really good.
  • @PoppyrusRose I never got to answer you but my favorite now is between The Purge and The Sandbolds. It used to be The New Crew!  :3  I'm sorry for the REAL late reply.
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