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Steam Summer Sales 2018 is live! what do you suggest buying?

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Lasts from June 21st to July 5th

What games do you suggest buying?


  • I'm really hoping the Hearts of Iron expansions go on sale. Heck any of the paradox games
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    ARK: Survival Evolved Explorer's Edition is currently €6,50 (game+Scrorched Earth Expansion+Aberration Expansion+Extinction Expansion preorder) The total price value is €120

    The cheapest thing in the Explorer's Edition is by itself €6,80. if you want to buy anything from ark buy this bundle as its cheaper as a single product included in the bundle.

    Ark Trailer:

    Scrorched Earth Trailer:

    Aberration Trailer:

    Extinction Trailer (Trailer released a couple days ago but included in the bundle):

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  • Kind of hard to suggest games without knowing what you like.
  • I just picked up Kerbal Space Program for 60% off
  • I'm going to buy both West of Loathing and Slay the Spire after I finish my exams at the end of june

    I would suggest buying Divinity 2 (the game where Rawb plays as Sallazar and Douglass) since it's 20% off and if you buy it right now you're also going to get the Definitive Edition for free at the end of august
    It's an amazing game, right now I'm on my 4th solo playthrough and every run I find something new that I've never seen in any of the previous ones. Some of the mods are really cool as well
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    Well You've been having fun with F.E.A.R. 3, Diablo III, Realm Royale and Ori and the Blind Forest just not fun enough?
  • Okay so ik Rust is a older game, but worth it.

  • @Galeden They are fun but who could resist a good sale? 
  • I think I'll finally pick up EU4, since I've had so much fun with CK2 lately.
  • got me some borderlands 2

  • I have gotten about 2000 hours out of Terraria. If you don't have it and are even a little interested, I HIGHLY recommend it. It's only like 10 bucks normally, half off now. Completely worth it.

    I recently found Stardew Valley, and that is also incredibly fun. Farming and life simulator game. Just got a multiplayer Beta, if that's more your thing. Only like 15% off I think, but it's great.
    Death Road to Canada is quite the silly game. Organ Trail, but funnier. Also half off.
    Of course, you can never go wrong with Skyrim; just make sure your computer can run it. It's like 20 bucks for Special Edition.

    It's a bit hard to suggest games without knowing your personal tastes, so I am just listing some of my personal favorites. Just a few more off the top of my head I can list off include Enter the Gungeon, Portal and Portal 2, Civilization, Scribblenauts, Overwatch, Spelunky, and Spore.
    I have gotten plenty of fun from all of these. Being old and/or cheap does not mean low quality. Check them out if you got cash to spend.

    Otherwise, maybe try following Rawb's path, and explore some of the more out-there games he has been playing on his streams: Raft, Jaloopy, etc.
  • Darkest Dungeon and all of its DLC (besides the brand new one) are all on sale. Fantastic games.
    FTL is on sale for 2.50 USD. Fun but Extremely Difficult rouge-like.
    Overlord and its expansion are 3.75. Great game where you get to play as the villain. 
    Huniepop is on sale for $2.50. Don't look at me like that, huniepop is actually a surprisingly good tile matcher with a lot of challenge under the hood if you go for the harder difficulties. It also has big ol' anime tiddies and gets my seal of approval. #Kyannaisbestgirl
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