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3 years and still no shiny

I have literally hatched so manny bloody eggs that to get more of them I need to start killing all the old ones and yes the tital is not a lie it has been 3 years since I have started this and I have spent 100 hours on this
Well time to spent another 100 hours on this


  • miiight be time to stop. shiny pokemon aren't worth burning your life on :P
  • i got a shiny on my first battle in pokemon Y.  >:)
  • I have tried farming for shinies before; nothing.

    The only shinies I have ever gotten were in Omega Ruby and Pokemon X; a Gulpin and a Machop respectively. Very sad.
  • I've only ever met 2 shiney pokemon in my entire life from gen 1 to now. A pokemon in gen 3 before I had pokeballs, and a Magcargo in gen 4 in heatran's cave.
  • @Ninjathis
    I have like 6 shineys but this is the first I tryed and man...
  • @TamTroll
    YES THEY ARE!!!!
  • I have encountered only 1 shinny at it was a floatzel in Gen 4
  • lol I just use Pokesav
  • Its OK, I've played since Diamond and yet to find a shiny except for events but those don't count
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  • unless you count pixelmon (i caught a shiny magikarp), i have only found one shiny, it was a tentacool.
  • I have only ever encountered 1 shiny pokemon in my entire life, it was a shiny hoothoot in pokemon silver. I even caught it and evolved it. Granted I missed a few generations of the game I stopped playing after ruby/sapphire and picked up x and moon later on.
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    in my original run of pokemon goldi by-chance encountered a shiny Furret. the shiny form was so similar to the original form that i only knew it was shiny because i heard the "shine" effect when it appeared, and even then i wasn't looking directly at my screen at the time, so i caught it just to see if i had actually heard the shine. Shiny furret was only like, a slightly brighter shade of brown.

    years later in alpha sapphire, i found a shiny Torkoal wich was significantly easier to identify. kept him around and named him Sunbutt, before eventually wonder-trading him away when i stopped playing :P
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    I found one shiny Tailow when playing Omega Ruby and then put it in the PC forever because I already had a Swellow.

    Also sometimes I think the coloration on shiniest is DiSgUsTiNg.
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    i found a lvl 4 shiny weedle when replaying pokemon hearthgold. in pokemon Omega Ruby i was trying to grind a competative worthy vulpix, when i accidentally found a shiny elgyem. in my original run for pokemon sun i wanted to catch a passimean for the pokedex, but then i found a shiny morelull.

    Oh yeah in my original pokemon Y play through i found a shiny flabébé, and it was the first fairy type i encountered/ even saw in gen 6. And i love using fairy types ever since.
    welp that were my natural shiny's.

    Edit: totally forgot My shiny eevee in Omega Ruby, found it while Hunting eevees for an eevee evolution team. It was on like encounter 520 ish.
  • I've only ever actively tried shiny hunting in Sun and Moon, since it was too much work to get the Shiny Charm in most games prior.
    I only got 1 shiny when actively hunting, and it was a Female Shiny Eevee after near enough 1500 Eggs.
    Later transferred it between games so I could use it in an actual run from the start, because I wanted to restart, but didn't want to lose the lass.
  • @Jj_TeRroR_jJ
    I have 4 shineys in sun and moon hunting its really easy with SOS chain but this charmander...
  • I have found 2 shiny zubats in caves, i hate using repel.
  • Are you breeding with parents who have different language tags? That significantly increases the shiny rate
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