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How to Kill Bopen Idea

I had an Idea of how to kill Bopen. If you remember the story of how he ventured out with nothing but a black ring and then his crew would sing. We have seen that Virgo Sunsword and Percy Bast break bopens skull and Bopen did not die. But in the song about bopen here I shall quote

"He would venture out alone, with nothing but a Black Ring." and

"Bopen's power was hidden, in a Ring of all things. Forged by the gods, this Ring made him King.

"For no one could slay him, and soon everyone would fall. Bopen took all he could find, no treasure was too small."

So a ring forged by the gods that was hidden in a ring of all things that made him king. Kings can no longer become kings if they are dead. So if he can not die a normal agless death of a skull being crushed on a natural 20 with Percy Bast's legendary item the Blood stained Blade. Then the characters have to aim for the ring. That is my theory.

Does anyone else have any theory's or counter arguments for this let me know!

Thank You




  • Let me know if you agree or disagree :drunk: !
  • where is that story from? i dont recognize those quotes
  • edited June 2018

    story in Fall of Dudinborough

    There once was a pirate,
    named B O P E N.
    He was Ageless from the beginning,
    and was Ageless till the end.

    He was captain of a ship
    who sailed and who stole,
    any and all treasure
    because that was his goal.

    To take all for himself,
    and leave none for the rest.
    Your life or your Magic,
    that was his quest.

    He would venture out alone,
    with nothing but a Black Ring.
    The crew waited for his return,
    and while waiting would sing.

    "Hopen for the Bopen
    We pirates will sing.
    Surrender your treasure,
    or Death we will bring.

    Hopen for the Bopen
    And plunder the shrine.
    Your gold is now gone,
    your Life is now mine"

    Bopen's power was hidden,
    in a Ring of all things.
    Forged by the gods,
    this Ring made him King.

    For no one could slay him,
    and soon everyone would fall.
    Bopen took all he could find,
    no treasure was too small.

    Soon he had stolen everything,
    and taken all the lives.
    With none left to plunder,
    his crew would soon die.

    And then Bopen was alone,
    with no one left to betray.
    For Ageless is a curse,
    that locks your spirit away.

    Those who fear death
    will always be afraid.
    Because all things must live,
    and all things must fade.
  • Thanks does this make sence for a theory?
  • It's pretty well formed for a theory, though I am curious now as to how the ring would have come into possession of the Dundinborough lineage, assuming this is true
  • @sargentgrevious
    Thanks and Yes I agree I hope maybe a mod see's this or Rob see's this and maybe gives us his insight. But thank you!
  • Thanks so far to everyone who has posted :dank: 

  • this has been brought up several times already, and unfortionately the Bopen we know has never had any sort of Ring, black or otherwise that we've seen or head of onscreen.

    most likely the Ring is a red herring, as many people have theorized that the Golden Sword is the source of Bopen's power, as it was the sword that brought things like the skelephelk and the gold elemental to life. As such the sword likely also brought "Bopen" to life as a skeletal puppet, using the fictional story the prince had heard earlier as a basis for the character.

    the Bopen the prince hears about in the book, and the Bopen we encounter are not one and the same is what i'm saying.
  • Yes that is a good point but what I am thinking is what if the sun found the ring and someone was an agent of bopen and gave the ring the prince when no one was looking? Or is bopen more powerful then we imagine? But the ring and the sword might be connected together. And there is no red herring.
  • I'm almost certain Bopen is empowered by/is the the "black ring" from the song or the golden sword we always see him with. The sword has been seen being controlled pretty perfectly by Bopen, as I recall him using it sort of telekinetically. Plus, we only saw the sword, not the ring, when he took control of Phineas Dundinborough.
    I guess another reason as to why the ring is meant to throw us off is that it was only in the story that was read right before his first appearance in the show and what I think is his oldest chronological appearance. But, it would also make sense if Rawb wanted us to think the ring was a red herring when in fact the sword is the herring. We haven't specifically seen the ring on Bopen, but that doesn't mean it's not there. It wouldn't matter to the characters unless they knew about the ring in the story and it occurred to them to see if Bopen actually has it.
    Or, it could be that, in some way, both the sword and the ring are the weakness: the ring is the source of Bopen's power, but he has forged/created the sword with the ring as a part of it (perhaps somehow melting it down into the blade), or has placed in in the hilt of the sword or has it on the handle (snuggly fitting on it like a finger). If the ring were on the sword, it would mean Bopen would have some tool to use if his body was destroyed, rather than just being stuck living on in "a ring of all things".
  • Yes that is a good point. I just had another idea after reading your comments.  The sword could it be his ring. Like shape shifting weapon or able to change its form? What if they are one in the same?
  • Until we actually SEE a Ring, or have any kind of evidence to it existing at all, i'm going to stick with the safer "There is no ring" / "the ring is a red herring" idea personally.
  • Okay sounds good Tam. I still belive that it is a ring but we shall find out in time how soon we do not know. Let me know if anyone else has ideas on this. :drunk: !
  • Judging by the fact that we had a vision about the blacksmith who made the sword, my guess is that the ring was melted down and re-forged into the sword
  • I do have one main question about bopen... is he a believer? because if someone wrote a book about a skeleton king that was unkillable and a believer found it... would that believer be unkillable? and if he is a believer could we find the answer in the book? (also do we even know the origin of believers?) But as it currently stands aim for the sword is a good idea for now.
  • @TheIr0nKn1ght
    at the very least he’s not a believer from what evidence we have. Believers aren’t affected by time magic and Bopen was frozen in time in a time anomaly in the Skelton king
  • All good Ideas! Lets Here more :dank:  about Bopen!
  • What I think, bopen loves gold, and gold is magic. Bopen is very much a magical being of some kind.
    I think bopen uses the magic to create himself. So just take away his gold, and bopen will be killed, as the gold is how bopen exists.

    that or bopen is truely the only immortal being in urealms
  • that is a good idea to!  More Ideas Please :dank: 
  • I have an idea: throw the ring into a volcano during a very large battle scene in Mordor.
  • hmmmm might work lol
  • Where are we gonna buy huge eagles though... Those things are expensive. @Patatacheese
  • @Sweatingdwarf123
    Just tame a few Eaglebears, then start a farm of Eaglebears, and wait for a few decades
  • Legendary / Greater Pyroblast + Alchemist / Fortune Potion and if the GM(Rob in this case) allowed it Cornerstone / Outlaw on the deathroll.
  • And that's why Death Rolls are meta.

    Outlaw is a heckin' good Cornerstone though.
  • My theory is that the skeleton named Bopen isn’t an actual being, it’s just a dead skeleton that got controlled by the sword. For example, when his head was crushed and destroyed, he didn’t die, nor did it really affect him. For an ageless, or any being for that matter, it would have ended him. But what was still intact was the sword and so the skeleton Bopen wouldn’t stay down for good. Bopen isn’t a god, he died many years ago. The real source of his “soul” is the sword who has been using his dead body as a body to use for the moment. And just like Sweatingdwarf123 mentioned, we saw the sword being formed. So the blacksmith sealed the true god or the ageless into the sword. But all being said, this theory has many holes and kind of sucks.
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