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  • I have quite a few things I usually end up obsessing about. But the one that comes up the most frequently would without a doubt have to be the Don't Starve game. I just love how much hidden lore there is to find in it, with a bunch of ARG's, secret messages, and events (Gorge Hype!). Plus, with the real world tie ins and really well done character personalities, it's hard for me to not have grown attached to it. And don't even get me started on the hidden lore, I could work up a whole speech explaining my case on the whole deal regarding Wagstaff. 

    Long story short... Don't Starve..... I'm obsessed with Don't Starve.
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    @Dorian I was just today telling someone about the sword singers XD
    I for one am a armchair historian :P 
    I also really like myths, tho Im most knowledgeable on Greek and Norse myths.
  • i wouldnt call it wasted space. but im a full time warhammer lore nerd.
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  • monsters and mythologies, major and minor. at some point id like to start a big ol bestiary where ive drawn the majority or all of them. i guess thatd be my impossible life task but i love doing it, so
  • @Dorian redguard is only my 4th favorite race XD
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    URealms of course. The lore of the plane of Innistrad in Magic: The Gathering, a few locations and characters of Warcraft. The universe of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals & Legacies. Game of Thrones as well. I end up obsessing over any world I create in D&D. Stuff like that.
  • Ever since I read Bakuman my love for shonen manga grew in to a new realm of depth and now I AM Also REALLY invested in the Shonen Jump Magazine. Now I am in my way to be reading the 21 current running series in the jump.  

    I also can talk about One piece for days
  • Having never played a Warcraft game or read the comic/books, when the Warcraft movie was announced, I thought I'd learn the backstory. Needless to say, there was an overwhelming amount of story to dig through, alot of fun researching it though. I'm still learning
  • I'm a Lore Buff of this very show; URealms. And even though the lore gets more muddled with each episode (like Beenu being immune to the Ageless Curse even though we've had Ageless Beenu), I've got a pretty good understanding and remembering of it.
  • Lore buff on Destiny Hive race and Warhammer manly fansteny and in that manily the Sakven race
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    I've been this way about nearly everything I've ever come into contact with, for my entire life. A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, URealms, Steven Universe, Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls, World of Darkness, The Legend of Zelda, Homestuck... the list never ends, honestly. I'm convinced that, for my more prominent obsessions (Homestuck, TLoZ, ASoUE, and FiM), I know more about the subject than 99.99% of other fans do, and likely more than the creators do (in some cases).

    I can tell you about all of the Zelda lore that is never told to you outright, as well as explain cosmology questions the series never directly addresses. I can go in-depth about the nuances of the Aspects and Classes in Homestuck and how they bounce off of and interact with each other throughout the narrative. I can talk for hours about hidden details and storylines in ASoUE that most readers never pick up on, such as the Baudelaires' mother being alive for most of the series without the children even realizing how often they nearly cross paths. I can ramble on about the structure and interworkings of the international wizarding community in Harry Potter.

    To put it in Homestuck terms, I'm a Fuchsia-blooded Derse-dreaming Mage of Light. My entire personality boils down to "information sponge".

    EDIT: Also, as a Light-bound, I'm prone to rambling. Whoops.
  • @friskyBrisky Just wanna point out that we never saw an Ageless Beenu. We saw Morgana Marie use a PUPPET spell to puppet some bones, and she did it so well she temporarily gave them back their own personalities (NOT the same as the Ageless Curse). Ageless don't fall apart and die when they get too far away from the caster.
  • @Qu33nAce That sounds awesome! If you want to give that a try than maybe give it a go. You don't have to worry yourself about doing something big, you can do this big task little by little as a side hobby if you want. Just every day or even just when you feel like it find something you want to draw and practice it. Eventually you'll make some serious progress and get in a ton of drawing practice along the way.
  • @JazzyWaffles You wouldn't happen to be the same guy who did the "Homestuck Summarized" videos on YouTube would you? Fancy running into you here.

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    @Skunk Jawohl, that'd be me! Speaking of the HSS series, here in a few years, I'm probably going to do a rewrite and overhaul of that series, once I'm not so awful at video editing (and have some decent software).

    I've got a Zelda-related video and at least 2 Homestuck-related videos in development hell 'cause they're theory videos and require a large number of assets and a lot of video editing to do. Also, I made me as a talk-sprite! Here's my awful garbage (in-progress) video layout, specifically from a massive video covering hidden Zelda lore and making a theory with it.

    Aaaand I did the rambly thing again. Shoot.
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  • The Nasuverse in general
    Zelda to an extent
    Star Wars

    there are many other things that I am crazy about but these are the 4 that pop up in my mind, lore wise.
  • Lemme tell you about the DEEP DEEP DEEP lore of a series that is often seen as being made for kids and to have no lore. By this I, of course, mean KIRBY! Now, the first kirby games to come out did have basic stories akin to the first Mario games; however, with more and more games coming out, and especially with Planet Robobot, many of the games have not only become connected, but have been proven to be in the same universe! Each character has lasting repercussions and deep motivations behind their actions! It's some good lore to read through, though I will say it's nowhere near as deep as the Warcraft lore which I also know all of, but that's too tedious to try to get anyone to read it haha 
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