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Hi-Rez made an intro for DeadRealms :)

I watched this without reading the title thinking that it would be an animation for Deadrealms but at the end got really confused cuz is just another patch for smite, i guess smite is adding Deadbones to their game.


  • OMG its so accurate. From the purple clothes, the booze, and even the cute lil top hat on his skull. Then the undead world to represent the DEADRealms, lol that's scary
  • 0:11 is him pouring exxxp
  • This was actually made by rob and db in disguise

  • Wait...
    Hi-Rez added DeadBones
    DeadBones = URealms
    Rob owns URealms
    ROB = HI-REZ
  • @AppleSharkDog
    Illuminati confirmed? :ughneena: 
  • This is pretty amazing how similar this guy and Deadbone's avatar looks. The party skeleton with a drink in one hand, tiny top hat in the other, sitting on his throne...
    If URealms ever gets big enough to spark off-brand Urealms, this guy would substitute quite well.

    At 0:11, it's like he is pouring EXP Ale or the Deadshots from last campaign that we never saw.
  • I see the SMITE tag on this, but I still find it REALLY hard to believe that this was made without DeadBones in mind. 
  • This seems like a legit rip off. Not to sure how I feel about this. Although removing the Smite name with Urealms would make sense. Hopefully the Deadrealms intro takes some inspiration from this.
  • You aware that Baron Samedi is a voodoo thing, right?

  • Baron Samedi looks suspiciously like DeadBones. If he has DeadBones' general accent, I'm calling shenanigans.
  • Oh man this is a really funny coincidence huh? Not hard to see how it happened though, purples & gold is a wicked cool extravagant color scheme (which is why I dig it so much) and Baron Samedi being portrayed as an extravagant well dressed guy 100% makes sense.  Might have to play Smite again just for this embodiment of my atheistic haha.
  • Wow, very cool
  • Yeah I was kinda hyped to play Baron Samedi. Added bonus now that I realize it’s like a copy of Deadbones
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