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Some Background Music for Campaigns (Update every Friday)

Hello everyone!

I like to make music designated for video games and other media and I've recently realized that the music can work well as background music for campaigns. I figured, if anyone would like, that I would share the SoundCloud for a little background music. I only have five tracks posted at the moment, but more are on the way.




  • These are great tracks :) . I'm mostly a fan of the desert one. 
  • Thanks! I've been wanting to make a desert campaign where I could use it.
  • These are pretty nice, I might just use them in my campaigns. We need more urealms fan music like this (or just music in general)
  • Very nice! my fav was land long forgotten.
  • Thank you, thank you! I'd ultimately like work on music for a video game, but as I was uploading these I thought they could also work well for Tabletop RPGs
  • I threw Forest Walk on loop using a discord bot last night and we had great music to rp to.
  • That's so great to hear! I'm glad that it's helping the ambiance of your sessions.
  • A new track, going to try and make one for every Friday!

    This one is a little more synth/bitcrushed oriented, but I can see it being used for something grand like entering a God's realm or something celestial.
  • Hmm...your new track sounds like it might be good to use in an ice or crystal cavern type area...hmm. 
    Anyway, it's pretty good. Gonna be checking this thread weekly now.
  • Thank you! I may even post some extra stuff during the week, depending on the workflow, but I'll definitely post something every Friday. 
  • New track for soundtrack Friday: 
    It's a horror one that I think could work in a creepy village or maybe if you're campaign is in a cave.
  • Got a waltz coming in for this week

    I plan on using this one for a campaign set within an old castle that harbors undead and such.
  • the mad kings waltz and ethereal is really good 
  • Thank you! I've had the waltz for a while, but just the main melody would loop. Glad to have finally completed it!

  • I ended up going a different route this Friday, this time more orchestral based. I was trying to go for some serious tones, compared to the Waltz last week which was a little more playful.
  • Ooh, very nice~! I adore this new one.
  • Thank you very much!
  • Thanks dude :)
  • Sounds good, might use some in My next campaign.
  • Thanks guys! I'm glad you're all enjoying these tracks. 

  • Here's a new one for this Friday! I initially composed this with the intention of it being in a video game. I do think that this one in particular can be very flexible for a campaign, however the tranquil sound of the piece may limit it to more somber moments in a story.. Let me know what you guys think!
  • Excellent work once again, these pieces of music are really well contructed and interesting and unique... keep at it  :)
  • Thank you! This one was a lot of fun.
  • @helperbot0613 that was rather entertaining lol
  • edited June 2018
    @matt ; Thank you :3 I spend most of my time looking at my screen might as well get some good picks in my roister as such

  • Happy Friday everyone! Just a short piano piece for this week, can give you some ambiance for some more lighthearted moments.
    I want to get a battle theme next, I think I'm long overdue for one..
  • Woah, that was beautiful. Keep up the good work!!
  • Newest track! A friend I stream with every now and then was looking for an opening theme, so I made a quick opener. This was my real first crack at chiptune..

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