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Rigie's Fanart corner ~



  • I am floored this is so good. You should do Vitali next? The way you do magic light, like what Lyn is holding, would look incredibly with Vitali!
  • @Razz that's cause I did those recently and Gwen and Galen are a year older :wink: and I chaned approaches in the meantime
  • @Umlaut I just might! I'm gonna have to do more non elf characters xD!
  • dis is good.
    vewy good.
  • ♡♡♡ thanks love! @bl1ndn3rd
  • wow holy fuck, these are insanely good
  • ooooooh my god. this is astounding!!!
    all of it!! like, *wow*
  • Due to the amount of awesome support and feedback I got from everyone, I was inspired to do more art xD and re-do Gwen as I know she deserves a better job than my first painting. She's also a personal fav <3

    And I did a fun little animation of the painting process:

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  • That Gwyn artwork is amazing. I looooooove how your showed your process! That's soo cool! :dank: 
  • This is all so awesome 
  • Holy hell. Your art is absolutely outstanding

  • You have got some seriously amazing talent here. I'd say that if you want you could make a living off this, if you don't already. Thanks for taking your time to draw cool URealms stuff!  :)
  • Holy cow, this is some mega-dank doodle shizz. Absolute masterpieces. I wish I even had the potential to do this level of insanity. Bravissimo, mein Freund.
  • @rigrena ;
    you are seriously an amazing artist like what the heck <3 

  • Thanks everyone!!! You're all inspiring me to draw more!!!
  • your color composition is amazing!! i love your work :smile: 
  • Would R8, 8/8 G8 M8
    But seriously, amazing work.
    Keep on going!
  • Amazing art work!!!! Keep it up!
  • these are all so truly amazing works of art, that only in my dreams could I be half as good as you.
  • AAAAND I'm back... I finally got around to finishing Vitali :drunk:
    I have a painting process gif too

    I lost patience somewhere half way through so that's why it's not as polished as some other stuff I did but I doubt anyone cares :frownporc:
    Hope Ya'll like Sir Zankovich!


  • :wow: amazing work!
  • Another amazing job 
  • The tattoo killed me haha this is just crack for the eyes.
  • Now THIS is Strong Magic! Seriously though, I love the way you did the magic and the shading in response to the light from it. My only criticism is the arm and chest hair, but still amazing work as always.
  • Chest hair is terrible. I completely agree and I do admit, I rushed him in order to have him "finished" thanks for the feedback @Ninja_Goose:heart: 
  • Its so beautiful! :heart: It's perfect!
  • Pretty sure I haven't said anything yet and you have heard this already but these are amazing rigrena. I always love seeing what you draw! 
  • congrats on making art good enough to be official, i saw your deadrealms artwork in robs new video!
  • Truly, the STRONGEST of magics is your art skill.
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