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For all the artist's looking for a challenge

I have a character that I feel needs a form, and her name is Midna Coxworth, she is a Gnome spellslinger who rides a elemech masterpiece she brought back from the scrap yard. Her mounts name is EM-7 or "Scraps." Scraps was the 7th elemech that she worked on, she found him in a Beenu scrap yard that she frequently dumpster dived in. She patched him up and gave him a fresh coat of paint. 


(Feel free to use her for what ever you like)
Midna was born in a poor town where her parents were mugged and killed on her first birthday, she was raised after this event by her uncle in which she learned some elemech maintenance from. Her uncle owned a shop that worked on elemechs and scraps of in hopes of improving life with them. Around her 10th birthday her uncle had to deliver a blueprint for an elemech arm replacement for the grand paladin order to potentially save a dwarven warriors life, and to prove that elemechs aren't useless in this world. While Midna wouldnt know it for a long time, the procidur worked but her uncle was killed by ageless on his way back.

She grew up by her self mostly after that, living off of what she could do for the towns people, and off of the scrap yard. 


  • I think that artists that are looking for a challenge gather at @Qu33nAce weekly drawing events.

    If you want art for one of your own characters would you be better off commissioning one, i know that @Sixelona (official URealms artist) is going to open her commissions soon.
  • I might give this a go once I'm done with finals ;) I like the concept. 
  • @Konpaatre @emcuttsy thanks guys, I mostly did this to keep my self busy, life has gotten kinda complicated lately
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