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So I Went Back and Watched One Buffalo Wizards TTT Video...

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Now they are inescapable. 


  • you say that like its a bad thing 
  • Even the side bar
  • The Wild West was a great episode...
    Explosive Elevators, too...
    I just rewatched the entire series about a month ago. I listen to it through my earbuds while doing menial tasks - dishes, games, laundry, etc. It makes me smile, just enjoying content while URealms isn't around.
  • I don't see the issue here.
  • This.... Its absolutely beautifull
  • There is no escaping the Tneconni.
  • This happened to me too. I have no issues with it though.
  • I’ve watched through that playlist twice. It’s sooo good.
  • I have watched through it several times 
  • Once you finish the Buffalo Wizards ones, Pause and a later Justin, I think, did a bunch of TTT after the Buffalo Wizards ones stopped. Those are usually worth a watch.
  • the same just started happening to me, so I had to keep watching them
  • Well now I think I have to go in for a re-watch. Wish me luck
  • @JazzyWaffles

    Pause has over 400 episodes of different TTT groups (BW, mindcrack and the later group), so I wouldn't call it a bunch as most of his TTT videos are not BW
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    @BlackWhiteCavias Not sure what exactly you're objecting to. There are over 160 videos of post-BW TTT starring HCJustin, Pause, and several others (who joined together when BW and Mindcrack TTT both fell through). I'd call that "a bunch".
  • @JazzyWaffles ;

    I was saying that I would call that more than "a bunch"
  • @BlackWhiteCavias I don't understand why you're arguing about semantics. Also, weren't you JUST arguing that there weren't enough to qualify as a bunch since a majority of Pause's videos weren't BW? What's up with swapping gears and saying there's now too many to be a bunch? Stick to an argument, man.
  • Nah he definitely said that there were "more than a bunch" from the start.
  • @BegbertBiggs I took "I wouldn't call it a bunch as most of his TTT videos are not BW" as "since most of them aren't BW, that's not enough to be a bunch", which is honestly a really confusing way of getting across either point. I think it just boils down to poor communication of intent that resulted in me misreading what he meant to say.
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