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What languages do you speak?!

Hey guys!
I wanna know what languages you speak, be it english, spanish, german, elvish, whatever!
Comment below with the language(s) you speak and say something to do with Urealms!

I'll start:

I speak English and a little Spanish

I love Urealms and I love Rob!
¡Me encanta "Urealms" y me encanta Rob!


  • English, spanish, and some sign language. 

    Senor Rob es incredible! Me encanta los videos de Rob.  
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    English only because I am an uncultured American Swine 
  • I took spanish for 5 years and remember some random vocabulary. And I say I speak english but I dont know sometimes.
  • Dutch, English, French and German here.
  • English is a very odd language, it's no wonder that we mess it up so often. @Thall
  • I'm fluent in both English and Spanish, and then I know bits and pieces of several other languages. My weirdest language might be that I know how to read and write in Elder Futhark runes, though I can't understand Old Norse whatsoever.
  • I speak Portuguese and English, I also speak pretty crappy spanish and even worse french. Currently learning Japanese and intend to start learning German pretty soon, as well.

    EN - Urealms is the best thing I watch.
    PT - Urealms é a melhor coisa que eu vejo.
    ES - Urealms és la mejor cosa que yo vejo. (may be slightly wrong)
    FR - Urealms est le melleur chose que je vois. (is probably slightly wrong)
  • @Lord_Fifty
    Sign language is awesome!
  • @Lord_Fifty
    It's pretty weird. 
    My favorite thing to do with it is this:

    Will will's will will Will's will?
    Will's will will will Will's will.

    English is great.
  • English and like bits and pieces of Spanish, Korean, and Japanese.
  • @updradedsam3000
    That's so cool!
    You're really talented!
  • English, Cebuano, FIlipino, and a bit of German. Not that much since I just started. Also does Elvish count?
  • @FullPrice
    Thanks, but its pretty normal for europeans to know a bunch of languages, many people live close to countries with other languages and we learn them in school as well. In my case I had English in school since first grade and also three years of French. I also used to go to Span for vacation when I was a kid, so I kind of absorbed enough to be understood by spanish people.
  • I speak English fluently, and I'm getting close with French. I know a lot of Latin, and am learning Russian. I know some Dutch, too.
    I love URealms, because it's fun.
    J'adore la URealms parce-qu'il est amusement.
    Quia amo suus 'fun' URealms.
    Я люблю URealms, потому что это весело (This one is probably the worst, because I just started learning a couple weeks ago.)
    Ik hou van URealms omdat het leuk is. (Had to get help with this one - I'm at a tourists' level.)
    I also can write in Elvish! (I'll edit a picture in later.)
  • nåväl jag får väl lägga lite tid på detta. jag pratar svenska med andra ord Swedish för er icke svenskar. men i slutändan så spellar våra olikheter inte så stor roll, för vi är bundna tillsammans som beundrare av URealms, ( i will let you guess what i wrote)
  • @LexderMob
    Does it say,
    "Fuck the kolbolds fuck em in the eye, fuck the kolbolds, fuck em till they die. Urealms"?
  • The common tongue. Naw I can only speak English :frown: 
  • no that would be knulla kolbolds knulla dom i ögat, knulla kolbolds, knulla dom tills dom dör. @FullPrice
  • Hallå Hallå! Knulla Kobolden i öga, för de äs så tröga! Knulla dem tills de dör, tills deras hjärta du ej hör! Knulla Kobolden i öga, för de är så tröga!
  • English, French, Urdu, Spanish
  • I am Flemish so Dutch, they force me to learn French in school (I hate the French language, sorry French speakers it's not you it's my teachers.) and I learned English through movies (& school eventually) and German because going to Austria every summer kind of makes you learn it unconsciously.
  • DE: Ich komme aus Deutschland und lerne schon seit acht jahren Englisch.

    EN: I'm from Germany and I've been learning English for eight years.

  • Dutch and English. I used to be able to speak German and French but I neglected it so no more :(
  • english....barley
  • english and serbian
    i also know a very small bit of german
  • My mother tongue is spanish, but I'm more fluent with english  :| 
  • I speak English and am decent at speaking Spanish, currently trying to learn German.
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    English and semi-broken French (Quebec french is partially wrong).
  • @snarkyslytherin is there nothing the coloring book and porn elf can't do?
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