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Parallels to Real Life in Urealms.

I'm looking for any real life parallels to Urealms. Intentional or not.

I brought this up on the subreddit right after Dundinborough came out, but PJ Faucet Johanesberg has an eerie resemblance to this obscure American stuntman, Sam Patch. Sam did jumps into water, and eventually drowning, though for a time he wasn't found. And to put the cherry on top, Sam even had a pet bear. 

While I don't think there is any way Milbee based his character on Sam, both because of the RNG of his drowning, and the purely obscure nature of Patch, I still think it is interesting. Does anyone have any similar parallels?


  • lets get the noice and easy one out of the way deadbones in buckaroos is like elvis and rick astley mixed into one person.
  • There's also the fact that we are also merely actors on a stage for the enjoyment of higher beings.
  • I feel like this thread may be even more relevant now so BUMP
  • I don't know how intentional it was from Roamin's side but Percy Bast, his character from the Purge, is eerily similar to the story of Percival of the Round Table. The name, the unknown father figure, the overbearing and overprotective mother, his dream of becoming a knight or swordsman.
    Too much overlap to be mere coincidence.
  • Honestly though one time I was in the city with my grandfather and some guy was shouting about how he was an immortal god of skeletons, waving a fake sword around, so I didn't pay him much mind. However then he killed my grandfather and took his head but I'm still fairly skeptical about his claims.
  • @Galeden same thing happened to me
  • I was minding my own business riding a cargo train and all of a sudden it's turned into this weird monster and started attacking some furry people outside, suddenly I woke up and the train had crashed and all its cargo taken, Birmingham is a wierd place.
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