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Favorite Villains

Hey GMs,
What are some of your favorite evil creations? Whether its a mad scientist or mutant elephelk, I want to hear it all. One I'm working on is named Sin who, through the final gift spell or other magical means, has consumed  7 other powerful sorcerers (each representing a sin of course) in order to create the most powerful one man army in the realm.


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    i have a leader of a Fleshweaver cult, a dwarf named Raiz Gill. he has started creating flesh monstrosities using parts of a dead divine. so far his experiments have been failures, only able to live for a short moment before they fall apart, but in a recent campaign he got hold of the secret child of a dragon aspect. what his plans for the child is are still unknown. but it will be explored in my next campaign.  
  • I'm going to GM a campaign tomorrow where I introduce my players to Prince Lokin Leomaris, the child of Rohbear Leomaris and Divine Child Layla (which means Golestandt is his grandpa).
    All my campaigns are centered around this new settlement in a newly discovered land and the campaign tomorrow will be about my players trying to figure out what kind of government this settlement will have, while they attend a noble tea party. Of course the Prince will attend it aswell.
    I will play him as this very arogant, I'm-looking-down-at-you type of character. My players will have to entertain him so he starts supporting this new settlement with money, but what they won't know till the end is that he will stay and start ruling over this new land as a tyrant. During the campaign I will also show his strengh of by finishing off an enemy at the end of combat with his sword. His sword oozes with a black liquid and everytime he swings it creates a pitch black puddle. people who go next to these puddles will be grabbed by dark hands and dragged into the puddle. Of course I also gave him a weakness: his father never really loved him and when Rohbear got the invitation for the tea party he send Lokin so he doesn't have to deal with him anymore. Lokin, wanting to make his father happy, immidiatly accepted and now tries to build a country to make his father proud of him.
    Overall he will be this powerful sometimes villain, sometimes ally character that my players will eventually either kill or maybe manipulate him to a point where he actually becomes a good king. 
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    The group I play with have a reoccurring villain. An Ageless we started to refer to as Skelethor.

    During our first campaign the party's Bonedancer rolled a one on a Summon Bone Army. And so I decided the best course of action was of course, to make all three skeletons anti-party. Instead of actually dealing with them however they simply left the skeletons, whom walked off a bridge into the water simple because it was the shortest path between them and the party. But it didn't end there.

    During the final chapter of the campaign they of course, came back. They followed them all the way there. And while this time 2 were destroyed, one was left.

    Skip a handful of campaigns the party meets an Ageless and his small band. This ageless as you guessed it was the skeleton left at the end of the first campaign. After the pure roleplay encounter he appeared during the boss fight yet again to betray the party. While the party managed to push him back and escape, he's reappeared here and there during other campaigns, slowly building his strength and army.

    The best part is this is solely so he can kill his summoner from the first campaign and I fully intend to run a campaign sometime in the future involving just this.

    Edit: I forgot to mention, as a way to make him more and more terrifying I draw him a new spell for every campaign he appears in and survive. The list includes Legendary spells..
  • I had this evil spirit dude who was a warrior from ages long past and has spent all him time up until that campaign swapping between hosts in search of his goal, He ended up possessing a player which was great.

    also has a djinn who was sending lizard people to destroy this town in the middle of nowhere, and he would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling innkeepers 
  • I think my favorite villain I've created was the very first I created: Wyvern the ageless kobold. Wyvern is a cultist and serial murderer who removes the faces of his victims and enchants them so he can wear their visage like masks. He and his companion, Bronco the black boar porc, lure people into traps to use them as sacrifices in their ritualistic attempts to revive a dead goddess. All of the failed sacrifices are used as ageless thralls (and boy, their combat has a LOT of them).

    He's not exactly evil, though, since that dead goddess's brother (Kormel), who is insanely powerful and evil, is going to rise up to destroy the world soon. So he's actually doing this to stop the end of the world, despite how evil his actions might appear. Of course, he doesn't realize that although it's true that the goddess WOULD defeat her brother, she would also be a much bigger threat. This would be part of the main storyline for a series of perhaps a dozen campaigns or so that I wanted to do back in 2016, but never got around to because of one of the players being difficult.
  • I sense a desperate need for me to insert a shameless plug here.

    But other than that, I've got a guy who's mere existence in any one place for too long rips apart spacetime, so there's that.

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