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Tin-foil hat theory born from 4am internetz

So a friend was complaining bitterly about Roamin having the perfect internet alias handed to him by Rob, and how she wished she had one of those because the fandom knows very little about him and she decided to use her IRL name on the internet and share most every thing and if she was ever famous she'd have to pay so much to make all her internet memeing go away. It devolved to me looking on the wiki, at Four AM.

I realized the truth guys. Rob collects Justin's. All the players are named actually Justin, even the ones we know the real names of.  

Disclaimer - This is meant to be funny internet memez time not an actual discussion on the private lives and or names of the players. Please do not turn it into that.

Sincerely debating on asking to have my user name changed to Secret Justin. 


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    what if they are all the same person doing different voices? hmmmmmmmm

  • On the Wiki it says that Coe's real name is Justin but Deadbone's real name is Shane and Milbee's is Max IDK about Roamin though. I think he wants to remain anonymous.
  • IIRC, Justin, Coe, and Nisovin are all Justin. But Roamin, he could be Justin. And Millbee? Middle name is probably Justin.

    ...brb grabbing tinfoil hat
  • Maxwell Justin Bee and Pause Justin Unpause, that's canon now for all I care for.

    But how does Spiff fit into this heinous scheme?
  • Sorry I decided to sleep like a reasonable person. 

    @Umlaut This isn't an actual discussion about Roamin's real name, don't worry. It was more a semi amusing out there theory that now that I've slept is 100% dumb.

    @BegbertBiggs Clearly Spiff is Justina. 
  • Rumour has it Pause's original account name was PauseJustUnpause
  • It goes deeper...

    Not only does Rob collect Justins, but Justin's middle name is actually Rob.

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    Look at the credits, Roamin's name is Brain. Unless that was was a fake name.

  • Is gary's name Brian Studzin?
  • Roamin was his username. I used his internet user name for a character in my show. Same with Eluamous, Sir Schmoopy, Ziros. in fact most characters in my first cartoon were named after friends.
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