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Rigie's Fanart corner ~


My name is Rigrena, or Rigie for short and I'm an artist as well as a URealms fan :p
It was suggested to me recently to make a thread and maybe post my URealms fanart with you guys who don't get to see it over Twitter, or Instagram, or whatever other site I post to XD Gonna be honest here, I got zero to little forum experience and actually BEING in the right category (I posted my arts in the wrong threads  in the past and Six and Meg were kind enough to, in a very polite way tell me to gtfo and post to a correct category xD)... but if I figured Twitter out (in all of it's beautiful chaosness...ness) anything is possible.. :"D
Man I'm talking as if forums are rocket science. I guess to me, they are. I've been very comfortable living under my rock.. :frownporc: 

Anyway! On to the art :wink:
I've done a couple of drawings in the past that you may have seen around :smile:

I did Gweneth a year ago :dank:

Then it was Galen

Then after watching the Guild of Assasins (hope I got the campaign name right...) I WAS SO INTO LYN xD and her puppet design, roll play... haha her sex magic, everything really... that I just had to do some of Lyn fanart!

And the latest was Rob's announcement of DeadRealms and deadbons Gm-ing, having even more randomness with the dead characters, and new guests, and lore that isn't going to be canon, Rob being a pc... I mean come on. It's gonna be awesome, plus it gives us something to look forward to at the end of every month, the last Saturday is gonna be like a Holiday for us you guys!!! XD
For this I made... a cool-dark-mysterious looking poster-like tittle screen. Idk xD

Man.. I love the grainyness effect.... :evilsmile: 

I got a few sketches that were never finished that I might post if anyone is interested and I am working on another fanart atm so we'll get to see that soon as well. I might post some sketches and works in progress in the future, maybe get some opinions before I actually finish something, we can combine forces to make some great stuff! Sorry. I get excited easy

Oh and feel free to share your own stuff here too! And if you're interested in following my other stuff, feel free to follow me on Twitter: @rigrena
and Instagram where I post more of like everyday life stuff, as well as some art ~_~ Username rigrena :dank: 
shameless self promotion is fun... no it's not >.>



  • This stuff is insane Rigies. If I didn't have an absurd amount of artists working for me already for our budget, i'd be trying to hire you asap. Our community is lucky to have you!

    you uhh... other.. artists... reading this... comment that don't get such a... glowing rob review.... can um... just try to forget and hide the pain. pretend you didn't read this and live in ignorance.
  • I agree with Rob's glowing praise, holy cow is this stuff amazing my dude. I love the wear on Gweneth's armor and that Deadrealms art is frankly stunning. 

    I am quite interested in seeing your sketches, but save the WIP stuff. I want to see it as a finished product to capture this same awe.
  • @Rob Nah man, I get paid in good feels! Until I realize I can't live off of compliments.... I'll worry about that when I get to that. Yolo, as the kids say it :ugh:

    For now, as long as I have an actual paying job and I'm doing fanart in my free time, we're good xD

    Consider me a volunteer :peace: 

  • @rigrena I'm not the most eloquent person you'll find on the internet, so I'm just going to keep it simple and say I love your work! :smileneena: 
  • @ShepardCom Ermergeeerd xD IF you like gewn's armor in that ooooold piece... you xD might like something ... a little more, you know... soonish, maybe.... xD must. not. spoil.
    Oh man I just went digging though my folders and I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER doing this phineas one....LOL

    And I wanted to do an angry Gwen at one point but I hated it and it was forgotten xD

    @Javo and a very special and simple thank you for you <3 !!!

    Oh man I forgot to post my Porc character... I played her in our ... ok I say her* cause she looks female, but she is genderless as porcs are xDDD anyway I made a sexy skinny archer porc called Jake in our dnd 5th edition game :smileporc: 


    I did Quin, more of a speed paint I did during lunch breaks at work

  • The fucking quality of these pieces is making me irrationally angry. Like, holy crap. These are all amazing,
  • Wow, these are really amazing, please keep sharing them with us!
  • Fantastic work, n hell yeah the grainy effect looks rad!  :)
  • These are all awesome and insanely well done!!
  • Fantastic stuff
  • These are insane! How long do they take you to make?
  • @Charizards356 um well I'm not sure 4, 5 hours for the finished polished paintings I think. But it's never in 1 sitting, like a draw half an hour in the morning, 40 min during lunch breaks at work, maybe another 30ish min in the evenings so it's a few days in the end.
  • Wow, all of your pieces are just stunning! i don't usually emote but i feel like i need one to express my amazement!  :D
  • Holy... Wow. I typically don't comment on art posts, anywhere, but you have some serious talent.  And if they do in fact take like five hours, for THIS???

    You have a gift. Congratulations! I hope you keep posting stuff here, I'll make sure to bookmark this page or something.
  • How long have you been making art? You must have put in a lot of effort over time. Fantastic job!
  • Oh my goodness This is amazing.
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  • The thing about art is you can always get better, you've surely been at this for a while. I think all aspiring artists can use these as inspiration and one day get that Rob golden star. Really well done.
  • This is so good my head is exploding :wow: 
  • amazing art  :3
  • OMG THE PHINEAS ONE  :) (He's my favourite URealms character!!!) Your art is amazing Rigie, every piece you do blows me away.
  • I feel like I need to pay you for just allowing me to see these paintings
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    This is some of the most amazing and awe-inspiring art I have ever seen! Utterly incredible my dude!  :peace: Galen is also my favourite character so I almost just had a heart attack with the amazingness of him.
  • Your Gwenyth and Lyn are fantastic! I can't wait to see how you draw other urealms characters
  • Oh my! How do I reply to you all D: <3
    EEEH idk about the time! I never know how to answer that question about how long a drawing takes! I work fast mostly cause I get bored easy so I tend to just give up on a drawing half way finished :")
    But it's not that impressive since I don't do complex backgrounds and all of that epic stuff that people do TwT (like league of legends character illustrations with the epic scenery and lights and all of that goodness D: )

    @Galeden For as long as I can remember, I work as a concept and 2d artist in a game making firm so I pretty much draw for 8 hours a day for a living

    @Meganzoor <3 He's in my top 5 deff! I'll have to do one with him soon :evilsmile: 

    @Sweatingdwarf123 My paypal is~ hahaha naw man, my pleasure, it's all for the community we have going on here <3

    EVERYONE ELSE this is some amazing stuff to wake up to :frownporc: you made one Rigie very very happy :smilebold: 

  • Do you take commissions? I'd love another Gwyneth painting so muuuch @rigrena
  • You may legitimately be the best non-professional artist I've ever seen (and better than most professionals too!) keep up the great work this is all stunning
  • @Snarky yes! :D If you're interested you can email me at :heart: 

    @Kingedyou I am a professional artist xD I work as a digital artist in a game making firm :> but thank you for your kind words ♡♡♡
  • @rigrena
    oooh haha that makes sense
  • I just love the lighting in your art (not to say the rest isn't good, because I love that too). Especially in the Lyn, Deadrealms and porc art, the lighting just makes it feel so magical.
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