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UR weekly drawing prompt 4~~Lance v Gwyneth

        Hello everyone! Welcome to week 4!

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 Thank you to everyone who drew elemechs last week! It was intersting to see what everyone came up with and it was like a mini family reunion for me.
This week will be all about the new season of URL!
 The first episode of this new season has been full of suspense and excitement, plenty of death dodging and a major decision taken by us, the old gods! Which is what, a few of you guys have guessed, will be this week's theme!

 Last week we were put in charge of a story leading decision, the picking of the next Paladin leader! While Gwyneth came out as the final choice, the numbers were just about equal between the 2 powerhouses. Both her and Lance are very imperative in their own rights and each have an equally dedicated following but you'll having to choose which side you support this week.

      ------Prompt Start-------
 Week 4
 Which one do you think should've been bestowed with the former Grand Paladin, Virgo's, power and knowledge?

 We have Lance Willakers, dwarf of the light beards, wielder of Virendra* and as tough as dragons scales! Not afraid to get his hands.... well... entire body dirty in the name of slaying some unholy beasts.

 On the other side we have Gwyneth Sunsword, the daughter of the former grand paladin and now grand paladin herself! Matriarch of the Sunblades and one of the most powerful elves currently.

 You may pick both again if you wish! Feel free to include a spooky Virgo as well!

 Everyone can participate
 Due on the 11th at 12pm EST
 Keep it SFW
 Don't jack somebody's work
 Be nice to others

-thanks in advance for checking this out! cant wait to see who comes out on top! -33



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