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  • Well, I think Rob was just getting a little upset. I think Rob is often under a lot of stress doing this and he sometimes lets it get the best of him. It's just human really. 
  • He's been working non-stop like lucius said its human
  • Yeah c'mon Jimmy. You're breaking the rules with this post so you should probably remove it before you get banned
  • The other thread being deleted is not necessarily a coverup so much as its resolved. You're jumping to drastic conclusions. I'm sure Rob will make a more official piece of communication if it is in fact going to be delayed. Maybe, just maybe, a post in a "this is broken" thread isn't the best way for him to communicate his message. You're taking this way too personally when clearly he is reacting to the overwhelming series of messages that are pointing out minor issues. 
  • You guys need to stop harassing him with these stupid typo things. The GM ultimately decides the rules of the game. The cards are just guidelines. 
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    I'm doing told this is a joke, by someone. I don't know how I feel about this even as a joke 
  • @Lucius_E
    Well, that was one weird shit storm that brewed up.
    Good thing Rawb didn't see before shit hit the fan.
  • M8 i am pretty sure you are breaking the not be a burden rule and maybe the 1st rule
  • I've said worse to my employer, tbh. The whole "oh these little minor details" thing?

    80% of something is done in only 20% of the time. The other 80% of the time is spent on that last 20%, and then the next 20 years of your life are spent on tiny nitpicks on minor errors most people won't even notice.
  • paying respects..... now F
  • Rob
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    I'd respond to this, but I have no idea what was said. Fyi I don't delete threads, I just move them to a hidden forum and for the most part only move them if people basically ask, duplicate threads, or if they are inappropriate. 

    I suspect you may be responding to a post I made in the typo thread? I did delete my response I made, but it was because I was a little upset and felt sending a private response to the user I was responding too instead was a better way to go about it. Which I did. Reading through the typo thread really pushes my buttons because while I know people are just trying to help, some users would post things that aren't typos and just stuff they didn't understand about the game which was super distracting. Changes my brain from "fix things quick" mode to "explain this shit" mode because I always feel compelled to respond to people! I'm sure you can relate to compulsions considering you made this post and promptly cleared it all out of embarrassment.

    Normally I would be able to read edits, but this post is broken in someway that I'll have to look into. Either way it doesn't sound like you said very nice things so not a great way to introduce yourself to the community dude. I dunno if you know this, but it can be very stressful for me to be in an open forum talking to people like this for the exact shit you did here. Also I find it pretty ironic to complain about me censoring myself and then censoring your own post, the only difference between us though is you didn't PM me what happened or bother explaining yourself.
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