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Irishxlily's Art Pad!



  • I see lewds.
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  • more lewd
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    I'd die of embarrassment if I wore that shirt.

    don't take that the wrong way plz it's good art I swear

  • fuck me that illustration is fire, but imagine having to explain to the lads that it is in fact not a lady giving a dragon the cheeky handy @Razgrey
  • These are unironically top tier resources. I came for the pot puppy, but stayed for the learning potential.
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    What brushes do you use for sketching?
    I personaly use firealpaca for my program (and ocasionaly paint tool sai or krita) becuase photoshop costs too much but I always have trouble with the sketching. The brushes dont seem right ever (and I'm bad with shape blocking). I'm hoping that maybe the brush setting will translate into my program.
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    Oh gosh dude, @Umlaut I just saw this. I use a brush a created myself for sketching in Photoshop. I'm going to be streaming sometime later today so i can show you the brush and its settings if you like.
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    For those of you interested, I'm doing some Card art that Rob commissioned me to do.
    Come watch and maybe help me out when i get stuck on how to represent a car xD 
    Starting at 12pm est
  • I wanted to post this here rather than on your updates thread; as always Lily your art brings that "wicked" aspect to URealms which just makes it so much more mysterious and eerie. It reminds me of the door and God in Full Metal Alchemist, if you know what I'm talking about. It's beautiful, always well done, and thank you for the hard work you do to keep it consistent. <3
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