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RPATOSH (Random Probably Already Thought Of Sin Hypothesis)

So after the newest behind the scenes dealio and the mentions of all the different people who have sinned and such and the big fate worse than death thing I came up with a little hypothesis.

I think that the way we create our god might be by way of selecting people to get sins, these people get meta-knowledge but I'm guessing in addition to that aspects or abilities of the character will be passed onto this new god. As well as that, I'd imagine the fate worse than death is simply that person's body, soul, essence, and so on is used to create said god, something that depending on the ingredients added to the pot is probably worse than death as it'd probably be pretty messed up to get the essences of five random people shoved into yours or something.

As the title implies, I'm sure someone already thought of this already, but it seemed like a simple yet cool enough idea that it could be possibly what the whole sin situation is all about. Then again maybe not? 


  • I haven't seen this theory before and I think it'd be a really cool thing ( even tho its horrific ) it's just really unlikely by the way Rob taked about the fate worse than death in the most recent BTS today, sure having 4 people shoved into your body is a fate worse than death ( in my opinion ) but Rob makes it sound like the most despair inducing event in history ( A danganronpa reference but I don't mean like in danganronpa ) In short I expect some god-level punishment or agony to befall the next player to die from a normal deathroll 
  • That is interesting. I honestly dont see that, considering that one of the sin people is starting to ascend. In fact, that what I think the sins do. Cause people to ascend. Back in fake Maelstrom poem (session 2 campaign 10), he says this:

    You create those like me when you overextend, 
    Sins burned into flesh that cause us to ascend. 
    We feel you when you watch, 'Brutality' is your name, 
    To you, the gods above, this is simply all a game. 

    So that my take on things. Also, Im trying to figure out when Maelstrom got his sin. Well, more of if he got his sin before he turn into a dragon. If he get it when he turns into a dragon, then it all but confirm that the sins turn people into dragon, and Maelstrom was one step ahead of the other 4 because he had a connection with the old gods before hand (perhaps through the red gem in his eye). If he got it before he turn into a dragon, then the theory still possible, but holds less ground. And of coarse, there a few unanswered question ether way.

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    @Dancorps13 Maelstrom didn't turn in to a dragon because he got a sin; he got a sin because he turned in to a dragon; we cheated (as maelstrom definitely doesn't qualify for The Song of Dragons) him into a sun dragon so he got a sin.

    As for maelstrom's poem; i think what it means by ascend is that they can feel us, or in other words; that there senses have ascended.

    But that's just my take.  :p
  • On the note of Maelstrom's ascension, I think it was the knowledge of the meta that allowed him to ascend as discussed with Empusa when she pointed out he was skilled with magic as well as being swoll. Basically, him knowing he's a tool of the old gods made him pure in the sense that from his perspective he is no longer responsible for any of his actions. So, hypothetically, a character like Salazar who's also not pure in actions could ascend, but he'd have to get swoll, master magic, and maybe even give up all responsibility or change his personal outlook on life.
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    @Tadpo Yes, but we still cheated a little bit, as i imagine you aren't meant to be able to ascend to a sun dragon by blaming all your actions on someone else.
  • @scooter0427  ;It's not necessarily blaming all your actions if you are literally a puppet in a program called puppet pals. It just so happens he's the most meta puppet.
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