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Would you watch pretty much anything Rob puts out?

After watching the new BTS and hearing about all these projects I got to thinking, I'm going to be sinking a lot of time into watching these. I also realized that I didn't mind that, and no matter what Rob made I'd most likely watch it. How many people feel the same? How many of us would be totally alright with watching Rob eat a bowl of cornflakes?


  • I mean, I'm able to watch a lot of nonsense. Remember the time Jeff from Overwatch sat at a campfire for like 10 hours? I was there for about 7.
    Unless it is literally watching paint dry, I will probably watch it, if it can be made interesting in some way.
  • Only if they were Special K lul
  • absolutely, hed make it entertaining somehow. if hes having fun then its fun to watch
  • I watch as much as I physically can
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  • Rob is like a wizard, and with sufficient effort he can make anything entertaining.
  • Not necessarily. I don't really care for Radical Heights so I didn't watch those videos.
  • @Ninjathis ;
    but would you watch Rob watch paint dry?
  • Yep, i been watching robs content for over 8 years.
  • Really dislike fortnite and battle royales in general, but I still have been watching all the radical heights content. 

    Admittedly its almost certainly been my least favorite rawb content that I can remember. But its still good. Its not about the game its about the commentary 

    Over the years whenever I am playing a game and can't think of any other videos to play in the background I always default to the old TTT vids because it has some of the most diverse and fun commentary due to the wide range of people in them.
  • Pretty much everything, yes. But not everything.
  • Trick question, because I'd watch Rob put out anything Rob puts out.
  • I appreciate the content Rob produces, because he reminds me of the same principle that shows like Invader Zim, Ed Edd and Eddy and, Star....Evil, all adhere to. Be consistent in style, but the style is only a means to deliver random bullshit forever. As long as Rob has some motif of random bullshit. I will always have an eye on his work.
  • Most things but not everything. There have been a couple series I just wasn't interested in. However just about everything he has done in the past couple years I've watched.
  • To be honest, at first I didn't watch his Divinity series as I just wasn't interested in the game. But then I got to thinking it's Robert Freaking Moran of course it'll be good!
  • Provided it's not a snuff film I think we'll be good, but genuinely I greatly enjoy his content because, especially when he gets into serious talks, he reminds me a lot of myself in values and principles. He's got good motives. As he said, he's an internet bard, so call me a fan of music.
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