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Campaign Thread: The Last Beenu



  • I wondering two things after the behind the scenes:

    1. Will there be a big Divine decesion in Death realm episodes, where an old gods get the power to post in the order of choas threat or get the power to interact with the death character in the deathrealm.
    2. Will the death realms episode generated blood tears?
  • @Spacewalker
    1. I don't think so because Rob said Deadbone's would be the only God.
    2. I think not for a similar reason as /\. Also, it wouldn't make sense for something non-canon to contribute to the creation of a god in-canon. (From a game/world sense) 
  • edited May 2018
    I've been think, how does day-night cycles work in Urealms, we know kallisto is the sun, but also has a highbear form, and interacts with highbears. so how does that work, is kallisto in the world at two places at the same time? or is kallisto only a highbear at night? 

    something else looking at the wiki. it said the highbears were originally located on Ursazoll the highest peak in the realms, but relocated to Ursamar, after Yvander kicked them out. i don't see how this could happen unless kallisto let it happen.

    the minor things in lore i spend too much time thinking about :drunk: 
  • Yvander is a child to Kallisto and so Kallisto may have just let him take over @kreeperkiller63
  • I know the odds of this happening are very low but I noticed a pattern after watching the BTS and I hope the next death completes the pattern. The pattern is how there is a male and female pair in which both share the same first letter to their name, Lola(Female)-Lunk(Male) and Ghostblade(Female at one point in their life so kinda of stretch but close enough)-Galen(Male) so all that leaves is Maelstrom(Male) and some female with a name starting with M to make the pattern complete
  • @Murlin22
    I would hope to mention the show and episode that response came from would count as getting the joke.....
  • @Spacewalker No and no. Although we may reward XP/Gold, but nowhere near the amount of a normal campaign and I'm still looking into it.
  • @kreeperkiller63 That's... not how suns work. Kallisto is in two places at the same time.
  • @Rob So if someone where to kill the Highbear form of Kallisto would the sun body also die? Or is that too much lore to reveal on the forums. 
  • Rob mentioned something about who has the dagger because Ghostblade might not have it, first of we know the dagger can only be held by the rightful owner Ghostblade, and divines. 

    So what happened to the dagger junkyosha,
    if Quintara took it, she might have recognized the dagger giving her reason to take it, and from here I think she would have ether kept it, or givin it back to Lyn. I think the curse could be based on family blood meaning that Lyn might also be able to hold the dagger and another rightful owner.

    if we assume Ghostblade kept it after the last beenu. bopen’s crew wouldn’t have taken it. The sandbolds couldn’t have taken it, it would have melted them.
    Maelstrom could have taken it, but why would he. I think we could assume he had the dagger throughout these campaigns. Because no one could have taken it away from him. Unless he lost it between TLB and TSK.
  • @kreeperkiller63 No, Lynn would also die from touching it
  • @kreeperkiller63 Because it is anyone who touches it, not just blood line. 
  • Didn't recognize you for a second there @Murzder
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 I know, I am not a Merci anymore, I am now a Pete.
  • @Murzder I don't know about that, I don't see Lyn getting killed off just yet, it is her season after all. :p

  • Im sad there wont be Deadrealms Divine Decisions
    Because we could have stupid divine decisions then 
    But i guess then we'd get into a "should these people be in the Order of Chaos if it's non-canon?" thing. 
  • Have rewards come out for this campaign yet? still not got mine!
  • Probably soon... because...

    Wow I didn't realize the character art for this campaign was finished already. They look hot!
  • There is a typo in the news item for The Last Beenu. The Last Beenu is spelled Beenur. Fix it. And also send some XP to my account for my miraculous find and contribution. That's all.
  • @Animaster I don't know if you're being joking about it being a miraculous find. Either way it came off as pretty rude.
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