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Bread's Tile Dump!

I made some tiles! A few! Mostly generics that could be used for whatever! And I'm sharing them all with you because why not? They're all drawn by me and as such, vary wildly in actual quality. As of current there are 12 different tiles (Not counting a couple color variants) to play with! And too many some nice bears with different hats!

You can pick up the workshop file right here!

You can also drop by to my dropbox full of the drawings and tile files used to create these! So y'know! If you wanted to look at them first or play around and edit them yourself! Like making more color variants I'm too lazy to do

"This work falls under the CC BY 4.0 License and can be used and edited freely as long as you provide credit!"


  • The Wise Guy Update!

    I've added a pair of tokens and as evident by the image, it comes along with a companion. A little something I made for an upcoming campaign I'm doing with some friends. Even if you don't like the companion there's still two tokens! Use them as place holders for an Enchanter's minions! Spoiler, since I haven't officially put them into my group's card pool, these haven't been used at all and could probably possibly be unbalanced.

    A Wise Guy is a magical construct that blurs the lines of magic and construction. Initially created by the Ditalini Crime Family through enchanting humanoid constructs, they've been used as rewards and presents by the family for so long, finding the odd Wise Guy here and there has started to become commonplace. Built as muscle, Wise Guys are designed to be a faceless, slightly intimidating mass. While no individual Wise Guy can put out a lot of damage, they can soak of large amounts of damage and can even be exceedingly dangerous to weaker opponents once they've closed the gap.

    Knuckle Duster: With a metal fist, punch a foe within melee range. This strike does 10 damage and leaves the opponent dazed, stunning them. Successive uses of this skill requires continuously higher rolls to succeed.
    It's a simple crowd control skill with minor damage. To prevent stun locking it's chance to succeed continuously lowers as it's used.

    Finger Bang: Fires a projectile from the finger that does 10 damage. Has a range of 5 tiles. When used on a foe that's near death and in melee range, it performs an "Execution" causing the foe to perform a Death Roll.
    A simple ranged skill to let the Wise Guy close in. "Near Death" is left vague so the GM can arbitrarily decide when an execution happens.

    A Wise Guy, Eh?: Unable to ever be truly destroyed and too nonliving to die, the Wise Guy are immune to all Death Rolls. However, Wise Guys cannot heal in any way and once they reach 0 stamina they become inert and motionless until repaired.
    An attempt to keep the "Enchanted Object" feel while limiting them. Essentially always "poisoned" a Wise Guy cannot heal. To offset this and prevent them from "dying" in the first 1 or 2 encounters from bad rolls they have a hefty Stamina Pool. The repairing clause is also to allow them to retain use in longer campaigns.

    The mod has already been updated with both the tokens and the cards so if you're already subscribed there's nothing you need to do. I've also updated the Drop Box with the art and tokens.

  • And update of three "nice" tokens (At least comparatively speaking) of 2 Kolbolds and a Hobgoblin. There's also cards but those are mostly so I don't lose them by accident.
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