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GM and player stories!

I love hearing people talk about GMing, or listening to players chat about what they did, so I would love it if you guys told me some of your stories!


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    Recently I was a player in a campaign where the party was a group of guards in a town, and we had to investigate a murder case. The GM let us take either righteous or diplomatic if we wanted them, and I was the only one who took righteous. I then proceeded to use all of my detective skills available to try and actually get some information from the body and from our one suspect, while everyone else fucked around and robbed the corpse. We were then ambushed by a group of goblins, but someone saw them crossing a bridge and immediately blew the entire thing up with a nat 20 corpse explosion with a light elemental, killing all of them instantly. after that more of them showed up, and I rolled a nat 20 to summon an earth elemental, summoning instead a gigantic Earth Golem instead. we then proceeded to beat the living fuck out of the goblins, at one point summoning cartel members (our deputies) and then proceeding to accidentally kill all of them as well. Our bandito blew up a blanket of darkness, killing our suspect who was hiding in a corner. We had one goblin left, a giant one that my Golem had been handling the entire fight and who my elementals had trapped in a corner, and the mayor walked up and saw that he was a goblin and said "eh fuck it kill him he's a goblin," while I desperately tried to tell everyone that we needed to get information out of him before he died. He was dead a few minutes later. Later we were still trying to gather info, and at one point we breached a shop where we thought some suspects might've been hiding. upon entry one of the foes flamelance'd us, so i responded by using my Amensiac ability and gaining a Legendary spell scroll, which was a ray of omega frost cannon. I rolled a 1. Two people had  to deathroll, but they BOTH rolled 20's, and it deflected the beam back at the enemy, and yeah we won that fight.
  • Man, I have a lot of stories built up, I'll do my best to drip-feed them, rather than just using this as an info-dump.

    My favourite stories to tell are about one of my characters from DnD 3.5, Roule. Roule Gruyere, le chef Cordon Bleu and Head Patissier for Pont L'Eveque, le Comte du Rebluchon, to be precise (bonus points to anyone that understood all of that). He was a Gnomish Illusionist, mechanically speaking, but more importantly, he was a rather short tempered French Chef, who used a little illusory flair to make his cooking much more sort after.
    Of course, he wasn't actually a chef Cordon Bleu, this was just something he told people. In actual fact, he ran a hotdog stand, called Wieners with Poupon. Not being a native English speaker, he did not understand why his hotdog stand did so little business.
    There are a lot of amusing stories regarding his shenanigans, most of which involved robbing his fellow party members, then paying them for their work with their own gold. The event I'll be recounting today, however, is a tale of his heroism.

    On their way to meet with the God of Music, the party came across a ravine, with a single, rickety bridge, guarded by a troll. The troll, in true fairy-tale fashion, would only let them cross the bridge if he could eat one of them. However Roule was much smarter than the troll, and as his fellows tried to haggle with the troll, Cruril the Bard offering a song in payment for crossing, and Orga the Barbarian offering Cruril the Bard in payment, Roule cast an illusion, making the bridge appear a few feet to the left of where it actually stood.
    Satisfied that the troll had not seen his devious scheme, Roule finally stepped forward, insisting that the troll's bridge wasn't good enough quality, and that crossing it wasn't worth an entire person to begin with! Maybe he could part with a toe in payment, but it certainly wouldn't be properly seasoned! The troll, offended by the slight against his handiwork, opted to demonstrate how sturdy and functional his bridge was, by crossing it himself.
    With bated breath, the party watched as the Troll turned, stepped forward, his toes hovering for a moment above where he believed the bridge to be... and then toppled off the edge of the cliff, shattering his everything on the way down.
    And that, my friends, is the story of how the first ever Troll Rump Steak was tenderised. Cruril did not enjoy it.
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    Just finished my first experience as a GM today, running the Unexpected Discover Redux campaign. There were a lot of fun moments, but the moment I will never forget was when I went to have Lillian as a dragon breath fire, rolled 3 dice.....and got three 1s. I did the math after, the odds of that happening are a little over .01%. Needless to say, I wasn't too upset that they managed to actually beat her after that, clearly the dice were trying to tell me something!

    Edit: Sorry for double-post, my computer freaked out and I can't seem to delete the first one
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    So we were doing a pvp match, ended up being a 1 v 1 v 1. I had a fleshweaver with drunken magician's wand. Start of my round I used a bonus action to transfusion myself back up to 176HP, random spell was honour chains, chaining me and one of the other characters together. 3rd player Molotov cocktail EX's us  both.

    We both rolled 1's on our deathrolls (first deathrolls on the characters.) 3'rd player won due to pure luck
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    I was running a Campaign that followed a group of business minded players heading into a farming town trying to organise a wholesale food deal to sell in New Porc City. The final boss was a Goddess of Nature/Harvests. The party was having a tough time with her and her two Blood Cobras until our Hydromancer rolled a 20 on Magical Schooling placing the Fish above the Goddess' head, the Carp formed a flying V formation and crashed down from 40 ft above her to force a death roll that she failed, the combat was over as the Kamikaze Koi defeated a Goddess.
  • So our party was traversing in a rather well fortified bandit hideout, however absolutely none of the enemies stood a chance since we were about 3 levels above them. So it was a complete and utter stomp-fest, and we managed to corner the leader of the thieves in what looked to be a prayer hall. She surrendered and we interrogated her for a bit, but of course my chaotic barbarian killed her. Rightfully so I might add, before the party danced around the issue of if she should live and the ethics of killing someone who had surrendered for what would probably lasted 20 minutes.

    Looting time takes place, but of course it's mostly just scraps for our OP characters. So we ask whats around the room and the only thing of note is a statue of the god of thieves. Which I found really strange, as what kind of people would worship a thieving god (the answer is thieves) and what kind of worship is even needed from him? And then I got a brilliant idea "Hey... If we were to steal the statue, would we get blessed?" and then for the rest of the dungeon it only was about stealing this stupid statue. Prying gems off it, carrying it out, getting stopped by very confused thieves, smashing said confused thieves with the statue, until we arrived in town. Of course they were the ones who hired us to take care of these bandits so they paid us for the work and a small bonus for the statue. Then the town held a public smashing of the statue as officials decried the bandit's grievous actions, as children and eventually others beat the statue down like it was a pinata. 
  • i had a grupp how had a player character Cyana_Pastel that was basically a very boyish female, thru the story that character ended up shifting gender so often, as they couldn't seem to remember her gender. that in the end it became the focal point of almost every dam rollplay section in the Campaign. i shit you not, they even manage to make the last boss encounter a descotion about gender and ended the Campaign thru a diplomatic victory buy getting the the 15 foot porc boss joining the descotion, the bard crit his attempt to get the porc to join the decision.
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    Edit: Okay, so I forgot to add that because we didn't end up fighting the dragon, the gm had to improv the whole time. Great improv!

    About to play a campaign tomorrow(sadly will have to catch most of Senate of Deadlantis on youtube) but the last campaign I played in, the GM had a astral spectral hologram thing dragon with this gold dragon statue in the middle of it in this newly discovered temple as the boss encounter and we ended up not fighting the creature at all. Instead another player and I did a diplomatic route with trying to discover how to communicate with the curious creature which only could communicate in dragon sounds and writing some ancient written language which no one new how to decipher. This dragon ended up being pretty curious as well and the other player had gotten her legendary at this point which was a robot mechexosuit dragon which helped this experience be more diplomatic. So we try different things but we still can't really chat with the dragon, so I had an idea. I had an npc that was with us, who happened to be a character I made and played for a different campaign, come up and open up the magical encyclopedia he had which would basically tell him about the area("Mr. GMsir please tell me about this place"), and we tried this with the dragon. We set the book down, the dragon tapped on it with it's wing claw thing, and the book filled up with the complete ancient language that the dragon can write with(this ancient language also was carved onto the pillars into the room). After that we try a couple more things but didn't get anywhere and left the temple and went back to camp, where that night we saw the dragon fly above us in the sky.
    This encounter was crazy cool and even though we couldn't talk to the dragon, this encounter was enjoyable in a intellectual felt like something from Star Trek or Dr. Who, and it was great. My character was pretty much a college student spending years trying to learn about this special tree magic these elves had that lived near where this temple was discovered, but after the dragon transferred the language to the book, my character now had a new thing to study. It was intriguing. Hopefully the gm will reveal more about this temple, dragon, and language in following campaigns, I'm excited and intrigued to see where it goes.
  • @ZombieMonkey7 Totally stealing this idea of paying tribute to the god of thieves by stealing their statue, I love it! ^_^

    Okay, time for another story. This will follow the tales of Roule, the French Gnome Chef, once more (for a clear explanation of the character, check my previous comment).
    So the party was crossing the ocean on a warship they had negotiated passage on, in search of the fate of the Elven Queen of the time, when suddenly the ship was attacked by The Kraken! An epic battle commenced, in which party members were seized by tentacles, and had to be dragged away, while still attempting to do anything to injure the beast. Things were looking grim, as many of the group had taken near fatal wounds, and the masts were laying in tatters, with the beast barely having more than a few scratches on it. Roule had to do something drastic...
    Waiting for his allies to be freed of the tentacles, Roule focused all his efforts on casting a Ghost Sound, causing the ship to sound like a boiling kettle, giving off an ear-piercingly loud whistle! The Kraken, wrapped around the hull of the ship, took the full force of the sound, and fled, to protect itself from this strange, painful experience!
    And that is how Roule single-handedly did not defeat the Kraken.
  • I'm currently the main-ish gm in the Phijkchu group, and for our first campaign idea I had the players be escorting a Dwarf nobility's son to a Wizarding school. Basic I know but the fun comes from the player characters. One of the players, Mr Phijkchu_Pikachu's character, had trashy. When it came time to play the game, we had one of our friends sit in as one of the children, and because the Trashy causes the minions to deeth roll by any source of damage, Pikachu's abusive parent character went to hit the minion, and who would've guessed, first roll of the game the child character was murdered by his abusive mother.

    For reference, here's Pikachu's character 
    NOTE: the companion is the way we set up the minion child to be played as a character with its own storyline. (Pikachu is the owner of the legendary and the magician spells)

  • I ran a campaign that followed members of the grand paladin order climbing a snowy mountain to obtain the eggs of Yvander. On the way up to the mountain they came face to face with a gemlord who they had to fight. During this fight, a player rolled a 1 on amplify and amplified one of the gemlings turning him into a weaker gemlord. They continued fighting until the next round after that, one of the players rolled a 20(the one spell that can charm an area) and charmed the weaker gemlord and the gemlings around him. This caused a revolution against the original gemlord as the players left the encounter to the rebels. Near the end of the game the players encountered a titanic whelping that chased them down the mountain after they killed a smaller one. When they came down, they met up with a council of gemlords that had established a democratic system of gemlords. They took as many gemlings as possible to evacuate as the gemlords held off the giant whelping for the players and their gemling citizens. In the end all the gemlords died except the original amplified weaker gemlord which led the council. The whelping rolled a 1 on trying to eat him causing the gemlord to escape roll down the side of the mountain. 
  • On Friday I played in a Tower of Ultimate Wizardry campaign and I was an Elven Wizard who picked up the Master Wizard Passive and got 4 Empahvision Spell Scrolls. We did meta cards that campaign so I had a crit token, I rolled 3 natural 20s on 3 Empahvisions and used a Crit Token on another and I obliterated 1 room until it was just a white void and an npc had to make a portal to the next floor, I nat 20d all of the party in a pvp thing, 20d a button in a room similar to the spike room from TOUW 1 and obliterated a boss with Empahvision. I also rolled 2 20s on Pyroblast.

    Nigel Wymare is a Master of Destruction Magic.
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    So I have this goblin campaign I've DMed 5 times in total. Basically, they are living a normal life, they have to investigate and stop the cause of the "problems" (AKA: final boss). Twice when I ran it the party wiped on the second and first encounters respectively (terrible luck). Another two times the party got to the point when they could go to and challenge the "boss," but then RP-wise decided their characters wouldn't and basically abandoned their village, skipping the final boss. And the final party I ran thru FINALLY actually challenged the final boss! It was a fun encounter I planned with lots of minions and a tricky boss when some fun stuff up her sleeve...
    The party forced a 20 (fortunepotion) on a conversion they RNGed from themagiciansstone in the first round of combat... :angrybold: 

    I've ran this campaign FIVE TIMES, and I've yet to actually be able to run this boss fight, basically at all... times
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