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You pass by a market stall, run by a cloaked old man. Do you stop to look?

(I'm taking your inquisitiveness as a yes)

You approach the stall with a sense of dread but curiousity, and as you get closer you realize that faint sense of dread is actually measurable, as it seems to be coming from the stall itself. When you approach the old man cackles, "Welcome! Weeeeelcome! I am but an old fruit merchant. Come sample my wares won't you?" It seems that is statement is correct, everything appears to be simply different fruits. "Hold this for me will you," says the old man, handing you some sort of small crystal. Out of habit, you grab it without thinking, and suddenly your vision goes black.

You awaken on a crystalline floor, and quickly get up. As far as you're aware, you have all the items you originally possessed. You see the same stall as before in front of you, but there is now a seemingly endless abyss in every direction, the floor being a small floating platform in the middle of it all. You can make out in the distance some bubbles filled with assortments of items.

After some time you approach the stall, to discover the old man is still there, this time with his cloak down. He is an old elf, with grey hair and a goatee, a ruby red right eye and a sapphire blue left one. He smiles at you and exclaims (think Sheogorath from Skyrim for this guy's voice) "Welcome adventurer! I knew you were one from your garb and you curious nature. This is the Realm of Holding, and this is the only store you can find here as far as I know! Please, look upon my wares." As if enchanted by his eyes, although maybe you are, you look at three small items that are already on the counter of the stall. To your left is a potion with a purple liquid inside, swirling around despite nothing to provoke this. In front of you is a solid gold ring, with a ruby embedded on the top in the shape of a dragon's head. Finally on your right, most curious of all, is actually a fruit just like the ones in the marketplace stall. A closer look reveals that this apple has a magical glow to it.

"Please take your time. I have plenty of wares to go around. If you don't like anything I have here, tell me something about yourself and perhaps I can find something thag suites your needs?" The elf looks at you lackadaisically, while he's excited for customers, it seems he's done this thousands of times now. Perhaps you could inquire about his past.

[this is a long drawn out way to say that I'm making custom legendaries! But there's a catch. Every time you take an action, I want you to roll a dice. Depending on how well you roll, you'll get something good. Be warned, if you don't roll well, you'll receive a cursed item! Spooky!]


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    They call her "Cheeky" Kiki, because she's the cheekiest cunt all the way from Calouswae, and that town's known for its cheekiness so clearly this girl must be one cheeky cunt. (as you might have guessed, she's got something of a Kiwi accent going on.)
    From her earliest days, young Kiki has managed to lead life in a mischievous and clever fashion, not realizing the level of creativity she put in her pranks was one hell of a natural gift. Like, even if she pulled some real nasty stuff on you at that age you wouldn't even be mad, you'd be like "... fuck me, mate, this cunt knows how to prank a fella." Unfortunately, things went awry for the town of Calouswae when some skellies came in, I mean the town came together and told em "we'll fuck you up if you lads start attacking our town," but the agers replied "nah mate there's a few hundred more of us showing up in a bit" and they weren't lyin so the whole town up and ran for it, screaming and all along the way.
    Now usually people got some relatives to live with when shitty situations come around but Kiki haven't got any relatives so she just wanders along till a carrage of Kobold and Gnomish gypsies picks her up. Unlike when she was younger, the gypsies catch Kiki's raw cheeky talent in action this time and realize she's got some serious gift going on, but they can't understand each other's accent or her cheeky slang so they wake up and next day and she's fuckin gone, this time with a few more tricks ready.

    Now hold on a sec what were we doing again? Oh right you were showing Kiki here a stall. Well now she's done tellin you her life story, you can tell she deserves something mischievous enough to match her cheeky temperament. Now there won't be any tricks this time around, because this old man must be a police officer based on his eyes and the cops don't always take kindly to tricks. But look at all the fog rollin in all around the bubble, that's for dramatic effect cause Kiki likes to earn her legendary artifacts with flavor.
    As the fog rolls ever closer, "Cheeky" Kiki opens her hands and leaves 'em forward in anticipation of the cheekiest relic she's ever laid hands on. Fingers crossed that it'll be something nice.

    Quick question, now what if I had a Kobold or this fancy Gnomish Chronometer here? You'd let a fella roll extra if they were able to right?

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  • Friedrich_argle

    Friedrich Argle is a tired Dverger. He has lived a great life and watched a great many friends fade into nothingness and decay. He travels with 7 children all of them are in turn the children of his eldest daughter Caroline who unfortunately lives a wild life of gambling and exp, and thus cannot take care of her own. His turtle Gregory Shmegory too grows slow in his old age, even beginning to grow a goatee white with age. Friedrich has become tired of constant and meaningless adventure and wishes now to quietly roam through the rest of his days doing nothing to bring attention back on himself.

    With a contented sigh Friedrich opens his eyes, tired of fighting fate and willing to listen to the old man's words.

    With another sigh Friedrich reaches for the apple not even noticing it's magic glow.

  • Regna_Slasiker

    A female Elf with many opportunities to grow into a strong woman, who tries to make a living for herself, aiming for as many ranks as possible due to an unmemorable grudge from the past. 

    She was raised with her twin brother in a town called Ventura, being the oldest by 3 seconds. While her brother was a superb magic caster in his own right, she grew to become a master of strength, barely able to withstand the recoil of her spells. It was after a band of thieves began harassing the town, that a wandering traveler also appeared. Dangerous spells flew while Warhammer swings were rampant, with the victor being the Traveler. Inspired by his design and heroic attitude, she aimed to become a Paladin who was well known in the Order. However, things turned icy as her brother didn't appreciate the help, as she would continue to hold a grudge against him.

    Her brother was constantly the victim of bullying in the schoolyard, but she never came to help. She would pin her problems all on him, giving him a big slap from his parents. Even after the divorce, she pinned it on her brother all because he was her pincushion. This caused her to grow quite prideful, standing above people she deemed unworthy of her strength. This also caused hate among her fellow colleagues, snitching and rising through power because she raised herself that way.

    Finally, her father had called both Regna and her brother to a meeting, discussing the plans of inheritances and property. However, she has come here. With an unwary attitude at the moment, insufferable blinding, and trying to touch things to move around, her hand seems to aim toward the ring.

  • Jeorb
    Jeorb is a Black Boar who was born for great things. Great of course being a subjective term, as his main power is his physical might. He has kind of become a legend throughout the realm for just being an extremely stong dude. He is unyielding in his pursuit of strength, but respects others with strength. Once you get to know him he is actually a really nice guy. However, he has one problem, which is he can be indesicive, but he seems to be leaning towards getting none of the trinkets, and asking about some of the other wares.
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    @knguy The old man smiles at Kiki as she reaches for the item on the stall table. "Ahh... that is a fitting item for you I think. It is a bag, one that fits the holder's needs. I think for a cheeky prankster like you, you could use a bag such as this." 

    Your item is custom card

    This item is cursed, as you rolled a 1. Sorry about your luck, maybe you can do something about that full inventory now though!
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 As Friedrich touches the apple, he suddenly feels compelled to eat it. on a 9, he does. When Friedrich takes a bite, he feels invigorated! "This is a very special apple. Not one you would find in my fruit stall in the other Realm. This is a divine apple, from Rokesh himself."

    This card is a custom card that allows your character to renew his strength without needing dragon silver, and with a delicious apple taste!
  • @Nene As Regna grabs the ring to study its properties, she suddenly screams out in pain as the ring burns her hand. The old man assures her "Do not be alarmed, that ring is supposed to do that. Do not touch the ruby, at least until the ring is on your finger. The enchantment inside this ruby was created by a powerful fire mage. Don't ask how it got here, because it definitely was not stolen. By me anyway."

    This is the custom card. Perhaps this ring can warm the cold heart of this elf?
  • @ronankelly72 "Ah Jeorb. I have heard of your exploits, despite my usual residence in this realm. Perhaps if this potion doesn't suit your fancy, try taking a look at this. I'm sure you'll appreciate it." The old man hands Jeorb a quill, and ink bottle filled with dragon gold! "This isn't just any ordinary quill. Have you ever heard the phrase 'the pen is mightier than the sword'? I'm sure you and I both know that isn't always true, but with this perhaps it can be."

    You have been given the custom card. If Jeorb isn't educated enough to write, this might end up being a curse more than a blessing, but if you are, this could be a useful item for you!
  • @Loveland
    I can't wait until you create the Wabajack legendary
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    so you want to hear a little about me darling, very well i´m _Femmia_Fatale former idol and current owner of the largest perfume franchise in the world. i had a different kind of childhood then other elves, was abandon in the woods and lived with...ehee..hmmme..i..i actually can't remember, isn't that weird Randolph
    (she stare at the wall as if she was specking to someone)
     yeah i fully agree Randolph, anyway were where we o yeah i was 15 when Randolph pitch me the idea that i should be famous so i would be loved by everyone, was such a good idea Randolph
    (still nothing there, just a wall)
    love you to. and the 42 step plan Randolph came up with worked so well that we decided to take it to the next level by starting our very own perfume brand using Randolph's special fragrance to make the perfume and putting my beautiful face on the bottle to make it sell. and so far it worked out amazingly, selling millions worldwide and making even more profit. but recently i have had a hard time coming up with a next step to take. after we reached the forty seconds step in our plan i thought things would feel good, but something feel of like i´m missing something. so i went out on a shopping trip and then i ran in to your adorable little stall and now i am here! isn't that right Randolph
    (once again there is no one there, it is starting to get a bit creepy) 
  • I must say... you have quite a nice place here, as this must be the most mesmerizing thing i have laid my eyes on.

    After taking the atmosphere, he looks back at the merchant.

    I suppose i have time to tell you my story, however i do warn you it is not a happy one. Nonetheless my name is Anderson Degurechaff and i was but a simple elf just trying to get by fighting the terrors that come from dealing with middle management, or at least that is how my life should have been. If it were not for her…

    I was in a bad place at the time, my workplace was just blown up by a mana bomb and

    Half the building was reduced to rubble with me trapped under the majority of it.

    No matter how much i yelled or screamed, for anyone to save me no one came. Just then as i was about to go unconscious i saw her.

    I begged her to save me, offering her anything she desired in return for my life.

    That choice i would forever hold in my heart… in that moment i sold my future,my life and what might as well be my soul.

    In the beginning it was simple, just kill this guy over here or make this disappear. Back then i still resented her due to the fact that i was basically stuck in her service till I die.

    However as months turned to years i grew to admire her.

    He pulls out a sliver locket looking at it fondly a small smile appearing on his face

    Heh… you could say I even loved her.

    Grasping the locket tightly within his hand with that smile quickly turning into a frown

    Long story short she’s dead… and i could not have done anything to prevent it

    I do apologize for the sob story, however were you able to gleam anything from my tale that might interest me?

  • Thanks it looks nice! @Loveland
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