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Pause is the new player!

On Twitter Rawb confirmed that King Poose will be playing Urealms again! Rejoice peasants the king has returned!


  • And Rob will be a player!
  • Wait... It doesn't say Poose will be a player. Maybe Poose is GMing the next game?
  • I was starting wonder when Pause would be joining the cast.

    Odds are it will be Deadbones GMing, but I kinda want to see what kind of ridiculousness that would come out of Roamin GMing.
  • @UnluckyBimi rob wouldn't put a new player who has not played since before the series was even fully fledged out into it a gm it is almost certainly deadbones
  • @UnluckyBimi As cool as that would be, it'll most likely be DeadBones since he's the only other one who knows all of the lore and mechanics. Unless Pause has secretly been studying URealms since the Nuren Campaign....
  • @Harkmagic Same here.

    Hyped for the next 30th! Also hyped for a (most likely) Deadbones' Main Campaign with Pause and Rob as players!
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    Rob has mentioned, I believe on a Tuna Bandits stream, that there will be non-canon campaigns to help make the schedule more regular and introduce more guest players to the show. I assume that this will be one of those campaigns, with DB as GM.

    I'm very excited!

    PS: This is just from memory so it may be wrong.
  • @Hoonter @RedDashLion Well, we don't know what Poose knows about URealms lore or if he has played a game of URealms with Rob, as they've probably played one or two (at least) that aren't streamed nor canon (as in Rob and the guys). - But yeah, you're right. Poose most likely won't be a GM, but it'd be amusing.
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    What if both deadbones and pause are gm?  :)
  • @kreeperkiller63 The GM is obviously Millbee.
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    @BegbertBiggs i don't see why they would insert a non canon campaign into the middle of the season. I would assume it will resemble the fall of dundinburogh or gspi, mostly silly with a lore gut punch at the end.
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    @Awesomeagle23 ;
    So 90% silly nonsense and then 10% gut punching story content. 
    If its just silly non-cannon stuff I really want the campaign to go off the rails kinda like Battle of the Bards did.
  • @Awesomeagle23 I remember Rob talking about this in the context of inviting Pause to the show, that's why I'm making the connection. Of course it's all just guessing and I might also misremember it.
  • Im so excited for this campaign. Rawb always talks about encouraging his players to think of creative solutions to problems, so seeing what he'll do to throw Deadbones through a loop will be very entertaining. Not to mention Pause being there too! 
  • it will be fun seeing what character Rob will play. Rob as a player was a pretty different and fun experiments during the side-quest episodes. so cant wait to see that again  :)  
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    @LexderMob yes i am so excited to have more Rob characters. Obviously he creates tons of npcs but he has to fit the story with those characters. Over the course of an entire campaign and full creative freedom he will have time to really develop a cool character. Plus Jimmy Blant and Vanessa Squishwitz are great so he has a good track record.
  • will this be the mythical duketails?
  • Sadly I will most likely miss this campaign as I will be off to Greece during it
  • happy travels! 
  • Battle of the bards 2?
  • I doubt that pause is the full on new player. The about section for players has not updated, but more importantly I think rawb said the two new players would not be from his previous work(?) Could see pause being a guest, but as fun as it would be idk that hes going to be consistent like spiff.

    TBH I think as fucking absolutely bonkers as it sounds the new player will be maelstrom. Presumably someone who just sounds like maelstrom. Alternatively maybe whoever receives a fate worse than death. 

    For maelstrom he said that the old gods promised him life after death (or something like that I need to fact check). 

    Meanwhile for a fate worse than death. If you were to die right now what would be the worst thing to find out? That you won't be remembered? That you did not accomplish anything? How about that not only did you not accomplish anything, but no one in your world accomplished anything. Because they are all fictional characters made up to entertain people who are not even gods, but just random people without any better reason to exist than the people in their own made up world.

    It would be fucking awesome if it was Rawbs brother playing Maelstrom. He presumably can sound somewhat similar to Rob and as such Maelstrom. In addition to this he has not really been a part of robs work in the past outside of the moody bidoofs which is questionable for counting. 
  • I'll be on vacation that weekend, but I should still be able to catch parts of it! Really hyped for this, maybe it'll be a follow up to the Fleshweaver stuff with Reginald or follow what Duke Daring did after Guild of Explorers
  • I doubt Rob would do something like that, seeing as maelstrom is technically from past videos @ThePhatSass
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    @ThePhatSass Rawb confirmed not too long ago that there's not an actual second player joining this season (not counting Poose) as he wants another person like Spiff. (I can't remember where, but I think it was the main "Guess the players" style discussion) (Edit: Found it -
  • Pause was the main reason why I found Rob/Urealms so I'm glad to see him back in the fray.
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    I know, this is very interesting. Can't wait to see Rob and Pause as players!
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