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Who is your favorite character in Urealms and why?



  • Cain because he was hilarious and Karl Landers because of how badass he was
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    Philipe, Karl, Neena, Lunk, Duke Daring...

    And every other character in URealms, because they're all just great.
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    Roamin - Trandon Barringster
    Deadbones- Vitali Zankovich
    Coe- Borracho
    Justin- Rusty
    Millbee- Dob
    Rob- Vanessa Squishwitz
  • Kinny. (See username) 
  • Borracho. Coe's accent was perfect and the character was hilarious. 
  • My god...

    The lack of Jax Blartowitz is distressing
  • I have lots of favorites, but these are my top in no order.

    Kinney Boots: Insane while being a badass

    Borracho: Never fails to make me laugh every line

    Marco and Polo: Just how Roamin willingly made them blind and deaf

    Cain: Tom was great

    Duke Daring: The way Deadbones played him was amazing.

    Eliza Cobbler

    Jax Blartowitz

    Trandon Barringster

    Taylor Langstrom

    There are more I am most likely forgetting about at the moment but these are who come to mind.
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    Six is at it again, asking the tough questions... Alright! favorite characters?
    Kinni boots, cause she is absolutely crazy,
    Kain, cause... well he is awesome...
    .. I might just be a huge DB fan...
  • My boy Bromas, the reason is I love the old Stonequisitor card, and because he was worthy of that sick sword.
  • It is hard to choose favorites, so I'll name a few characters that I loved from the guys and have rarely been mentioned in this thread.

    Justin: Rusty, he is a child killing merc who had some funny moments in the Silvermine Mountains. Plus, we get that authentic dvergr dvergr accent accent.  

    Coestar:  Clott, badass quartermaster who was chosen by Bopen himself, who claimed he won't find any one else more fit for the position, to recruit new crew. He also made the edgelord Ghostblade his pet. All-around badass who didn't even need his Legendary. Plus, let's not forget how he used his Perfect moment.

    Roamin: Luca, funny spell-slinging chef who vied for the favor of our skeletal overlord. He had hilarious moments along with badass moments.

    Deadbones: Khn'n-Rell, I just loved how he was in the final campaign of season 1, psyching us out on the insanity roll and dropping ageless lore in Urealms. 

    Nisovin: Lann McRoberts, he is the reason why we have the sharpsword class. Plus he was MPV during the final fight of Buckaroos. 

    Millbee: Bearo, badass highbear that can shoot spells out of his mouth and has 'sage' wisdom. Need I say more?

    Rawb: Bopen. His introduction in Dundinborough was just perfection, showcasing his powerful nature. In Skeleton King, we get to see some of his humor as well as see his true power, defeating a certain powerful character and taking his skull.

    Honourable Mention: Dave, he started out as a generic guard in Band of Theives and later appeared in Porc Hunters, helping create the timeline of the show. His character was later fleshed out by Coe in Sunswords, where he showed his artistic nature along with his power. Finally, he met his end and was eventually avenged by the Law in the Murder Bros Saga.

    I'm sorry if I didn't include your favorite character, there is too much too choose from.

    TL;DR: Rusty, Clott, Luca, Khn'n Rell, Lann, Bearo, Bopen, and Dave.

  • It's pretty hard to just pick one character, so I'll break down by each player.

    Deadbones: I love most of Deadbones' characters, but I really love Vitali. I'm really excited to see Vitali come up in a future campaign and see what shenanigans come up with his strong magic.

    Roamin: Karl Landers. Running to China and lobbing arrows. Absolute bad ass.

    Justin: Gotta go with my boy Jomer. Justin played him so well and he was such a lovable tragic character. "Bye Sheela!"

    Coe: Aleesa has my absolute favorite back story and Coe was so invested in this character. Especially when it came to interacting with his daughter.

    Milbee: Bearo. I just love the idea of a high near dispensing wisdom.

    Nisovin: Lann McRoberts. Gave us the sharpsword class and absolutely wrecked that PvP fight.

    Also want to mention Cain as he was hilarious throughout The New Crew.
  • There are a ton of characters I love.
    But the favorite from them all is for me Romulus.

    I grow up with my grandparents, and its a sentimental reason I like Romulus and how hard he tries. I loved every time his ghost cloud grandpa irked him or doing stuff. It was something touching to me. Plus in my daily life I quote ancient proverbs a lot. XD
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    I love plenty of them but Raynel has too be my favorite, out of all characters she probably has had the most character development, Raynel really grew up overtime and it shows in the character art.
  • @Loomer Oh absolutely, in regards to Neena! She's my ALL TIME favorite. I'm working on a cosplay actually :P I love her sense of humor, her story arc, everything. I hope she returns in the future, because I absolutely have to know more about her and Romulus.
  • I'm not one for favorites, but the ones that stick out for me are Borracho, Duke Daring, Kinney Boots, Kallark and Phineas (if he counts). 
  • OOOOO :D @Snowy If you're going to be posing it here and are able to remember my @ by the time you finish your cosplay please @ me so i don't miss it, I'd love seeing it  :) i may or may not also be planning a Neena centered animatic for once my exams are over 
  • @Loomer ;
    So that's one Kobold you would Fuck in the eye
  • Bopen because he is a badass and Galen because I love every moment where he appears.
  • @Ron_Fairham I'd go full furry for any and every kobold
  • I think my fav would be Borracho. Mostly I greatly enjoyed it was how coe did his voice. I found it very entertaining.

  • I'll say Denzik, because he felt like a really good character in his first campaign and then was made extremely human in his second. All in all I feel he had the most realistic character development, maybe? Also Kallark, because he is just generally awesome.
  • Kallark Because his story was so tragic to lose his child and girlfriend. To be cursed by a funk and have the kobold children no longer wanted to be his kids was so sad. But glad he made it out of the mountains.
  • Tobias Cragg. Has all the most menacing elements of a psychotic gentleman killer with the hilarity of "tiny knives" moments. 
  • Hmm that's a hard one. I'm going to have to go with either Cain or the elf twins who's names are slipping my minds. the ones who were blind and deaf. they were hysterical.
  • Well, I loved Thea Mazing, she's such a sweetheart (and, of course, introduced us to the magical language that is Abracadab).

    Cain was probably the character I found funniest, and Deadbones' voice was just perfect for him.

    And Alessa Stonemason is probably the character I found the most interesting and really, I felt like Coe really got into that role the best any of them have got into a character.
  • Justin's Porcs in general
  • Cain, Denada, or Tobias Cragg
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