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RIP Radical Heights

Boss Key is shutting down apparently.

RH servers will remain up for the "near future" so that at least means it isn't completely over yet, but it's only a matter of time, and the bad news will probably just cause the playerbase to dwindle further.

Real shame because Radical Heights showed a lot of promise and Rob obviously loves the game.  Maybe by some miracle another company can pick it up? 


  • That's really a shame, hopefully Radical Heights gets saved somehow.
  • I'm not surprised to be honest. The money hole they fell into after lawbreakers failed would have been hard for any company to climb out of.
  • @Sorenthaz it really is a shame  :*(
  • I didn't  get the chance to play it a lot but it was one of the few games i was interested in :(
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    Not surprised. There was basically room for two battle royale games, realistic and cartoony. Both are taken now so it really had no chance. Just like all the other ones being made.

    Also they made lawbreakers so...
  • It suffered the same way any sort of MOBA or FPS game suffers, it can't compete with the other large games in that category 
  • @Konpaatre the servers are still gonna be up for a bit
  • It seems like it was out of the blue, especially since Jitspoe was hinting at new features last night...

    Lets hope the game and the developers can get out of this unscathed 
  • @Coconut they are but i don't enjoy BR games in solo and its hard to find someone to play it with without pugging.
  • @Eon_Traveler ; Yeah that's what really threw me off.  Last night it sounded like things were only going to get better, and it's possible no one knew it was going to happen until today?  Idk.   I hope the game can potentially be picked up, though kind of doubt it will be.  Not to mention if it did, there'd be the question of whether or not it can retain its identity and so on.
  • @Konpaatre ah that's fair, I'm sure you could find someone just to try it out :P
  • @Sorenthaz Did you see the leaked patch notes from the Lead producer... It feels like a show that got cancelled just as it was getting good and all we can hope is that another network picks them up... I want more seasons of radical heights ;-;
  • that sucks, i really hope another studio picks up the team and game. it has so much potential
  • Poor Rob.
  • Dang that's disappointing. I was planning on learning this game. Guess it's not worth it now.
  • Damn that really sucks. Rob and Pause playing this game and clearly enjoying the hell out of it was so much fun to watch, hope they can find a game that can capture the same magic.
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    Not much I can say besides this blows, Imy feeling really down now
  • @Sorenthaz What will the tuna bandits rob now?! 
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