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Campaign Thread: The Last Beenu



  • @josh__ab ;
    fake cast into real cast
  • My personal favorite campaign so far! it was a Blast! Good job All of you how worked on it!
  • Great campaign. 
  • Did anyone get the translation of the curse?
  • gg everyone i love you all so much <3
  • Oh man what an ending. It's nice seeing a complete failure of the players.
  • he rerolled?!?@josh__ab
  • This was the first campaign Ive ever watched live and I had to wake up at 2am to do it, but it was so worth it! Thanks to both the staff and fans that made it so awesome :wow: 
  • i didn't see a reroll or a jape if there was one  :|
  • @Palotheas that makes me upset 
  • Look, it doesn't matter if there was a reroll. This is a better ending than Justin somehow surviving Quintara's Erase and then dying to her later. Quintara one punching ghostblade only for him to arrive just in time to see his new sworn brother being erased by a dragon aspect? Fantastic. 
  • @PoppyrusRose ;

    Eh, maybe he was just buried under a pile of goop uncoscious because he was so close to dying.


    I mean, technically if he was still alive nisovin would have inadverently helped him. He would have had to break apart the egg to get the gun out probably. 

    I'll have to go back to check the vod, because I'm pretty sure rob said something about how he didn't count it because the npcs wouldn't have helped, but they did. Also if it actually worked on the npcs, they would have had the same amount of time to get out as deadbones, so either he should have had until the end of their turn like they did, or they would have until the end of deadbone's turn, which would have meant they would be a lot less likely to be saved. 

    Also who's to say there wouldn't have been a 1 that would break the egg open on the npc's turn?

  • @ThePhatSass ;
    To be fair for the blizzard it was a mistake and Justin could have pointed it out but he didn't notice either so i'm not gonna hold that against rob. sort of felt bad that he said roamin and justin escaped then went back on it but we all know to expect tricks by now so it doesn't annoy me that much.
  • Oh, forgot to say, great campaign, I got here a bit late so didn't get to see the first act, but what I did get to see was amazing. It was a huge rollercoaster of emotions at the end there.
  • Maybe I missed something, but was it explained why Ghostblade seems to be male here and female in the Sandbolds? Or was Ghostblade female all along? 
  • @ThePhatSass ;@Shane Im not sure how Rob rules it, but it makes more sense to me that spell scrolls are ruled as not working towards "skilled" since the user hasn't learnt the spell in the normal way and is just holding an item that has the instructions more or less written on it.
  • Pretty Great campaign although I kinda feel like the kings assassination could have gone different with just one or two different rolls or if people had taken different actions. I don't want to backseat the encounter but it felt like there was so little margin for error every minor mistake felt major and that some Munchkining needed to happen to win. Of course it dosen't matter since I think the Quintara encounter would have been a wipe anyway and this way Roamin and Spiff are still alive maybe probably.
  • @Tamwin5 ;"Should a mortal being other than the rightful rulers of this realm touch this blade, said mortal will melt away until they" and it cuts off there.
  • @Cave Previous to sandbolds everyone thought ghostblade was male. This takes place before sandbold.

    It is also mentioned at one point by ghostblade that leomaris was going to put a dragon baby in them to resurrect the beenu as they were a property of the realm. 

    Ghostblade is a legendary assassin who apparently looks masculine enough to pass for a male. They don't have the sex appeal that her mothers have to seduce people so why not pretend to be a male? We have not really seen any sexism in urealms, but its entirely possible that it is a thing.
  • edited May 2018
    That 20 Erase at the end was a perect ending
  • @Cave ; some people in the chat were saying ghostblade is genderfluid, not sure where that information comes from but *shrug*
  • I'd say that Ghostblade is a woman, but is pretending to be a guy as a way of hiding her identity.
  • That campaign was amazing. I actually cried out loud when that thing happened to Justin at the end
  • @TamTroll that was mostly Meganzoor; still not canon, tho
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    why did Quintara go berserk? so yeah she clearly have some form of connection with the dwarven king, but what? maybe he is one of her children! would love to make a forum abut this but will wait until all the videos has been released on YouTube. so until then i ask the question here 
  • Great campaign, there were a few things I noticed probably shouldn't have happened but it made it fun to discuss in chat, it was my first live campaign and I'd just like to show my thanks in some way. I wasn't fully caught up on every campaign so hopefully I'll be caught up by the next.
  • @LexderMob easiest thing to say would probably be "because it was the will of the old gods" but seeing some deeper connection could be interesting.
  • First Campaign I was able to show up for, it was a lot different experience to watching it on youtube, even if I was only able to watch act 3, and the first half of act 4
  • This campaign was pretty fun but it certainly makes the evidence against Lyn and Quintara stack up even higher. Those two don't care about consequences then ignore them until the consequences get out of control.

    Also I noticed I was unable to change my mind during the Divine Decision. Is that intended or was the software being wonky?
  • So does this mean Gerkin suffers a fate worse than death? Since he's the first character to die after all 5 sins?
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