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(Spoilers) reactions



  • aaayup.

    of course Teamspeak sent me a message right as Ghostblade's wings were being torn off so i missed some of that cinematic. other then that, fun times all around!
  • I agree. I'm actually too emotionally drained to be salty right now
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    Holy... Sh*t....
    (By the way, MAJOR SPOILERS.)
    I mean, for one, awesome campaign. Great job guys.
    But also, finally got some semblance of a party wipe. Pretty neat, even though Roamin and Spiff are technically still alive (As far as we know.)

    Deadbones, goodness, I am so sad he died. He was one of my favorites this week.
    I was super happy that Rob let Justin escape, as he was my personal favorite this week. It was some of Justin's best work, in my opinion. Great character, who was just erased. At least now it makes sense that he isn't with Ghostblade later, but... Awww....

    And by the way, Divine Decision? The Elven text next to Ghostblade's fate said Death on Freedom, and I'm pretty sure Life on Suffering. So you know, Ghostblade has a sin, but...
    Didn't Justin fail a deathroll? So... wouldn't that make it the last thing needed for the Fate Worse Than Death? Or am I missing something?
  • Justin's character was really really good.
  • rip bei mei ;-;
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  • Don't worry, Auntie Lotus just gave her an edgier look. She had no use for those pesky wings anyway.
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    So, I had to come late and joined right at the DD (lucky for me) and my friend gave me a small recap... This was an odd part to join in as they talk about bee-bicide and then die and become mutilated by lewds... OH AND A CAT KEYBOARD BECAUSE WHY NOT?  So, moto of the day: watch the stream all the way through, who needs work?
  • The last two acts were amazing!
  • dis is my new favorite campaign. i just loved it. there is nothing better than the type of chaos that this campaign brought. love when this type of things happens.
  • This show totally killed! (not just metaphorically ayy)
    First one I managed to catch live and it's 100% my favourite.
  • I was a bit salty at first about the oh and Justin and Roamin get captured. But man that escape only to get Thanosed that was freaking great and now I want it to be that Ghostblade is out for vengeance against Quintara that or to force her to use her dragon god super magic to reverse the erase cuz why not.
  • Honestly, one of my favorite campaigns to date and, even with the technical wipe, might be the most personally satisfying campaign as well (and the wipe probably enhanced that). I can't think of anything major to be upset with other than the fact that we missed a donation (deathshots) for the first time this season (which is something EXTREMELY petty considering we actually hit the very last goal) 
  • Peasant week: "The guys are so weak, incoming party wipe".... Survived the campaign and turned Lance into an ageless

    Assassin week: "The guys are so powerful, combat should be no problem this week"... 1 character dead, one fully Erased and the other two captured by an enraged Dwarven/Elven army and the High Bear assigned with them.
  • I am sad for what happened to Ghostblade, for all the terrible things that occured to cause all this pain. But I thank the Old God @Shadowdancerbob for saving her and more importantly, saving the Beenu!
  • I'm still pretty speechless over that last twenty. That was just brutal.
  • Rip GhostbladexTink (Tinkerblade/Ghostink). Not even mad
  • @MrAnything01 Im pretty sure that, like most DDs, it isn't as simple as sparing Ghostblade. If you noticed, the icon for "Freedom" had "Death" written in elvish next to it, while "Suffering" had "pain". So more than likely, the Beenu aren't saved, Ghostblade will just be spared the fate worse than death, not death itself.
  • Wouldn't be surprised if the "Freedom" Ghostblade gets is death itself as freedom. But since he's getting a sin of the unforgotten, he might die, then come back with his mind fully intact.
  • Going to have to agree with Takallia here, that last 20. A God comes down and crits you out of existance, that was extremly fitting. But there were a also a few great(terrible) 1s in here as well, deadbones, in particular, almost murdering himself with his own legendary when he got it was hilarious, nevermind the double one that killed him and gave the powerful gnome wizard a god killing gun. Also Spiff and Ghostblade rolling ones to run from the High Bear.... wow they really had a lot of badly timed 1s, huh.
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