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Campaign Thread: The Last Beenu



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    Cant wait for more porcs!
  • @Shane

    Or it could be a choice between fighting Maelstrom or fighting Ghostblade.  If Ghostblade gets Junkoyasha then she has a way to kill Maelstrom, and it's already been alluded in the intro cinematic that if Maelstrom dies he's made some sort of deal with another Old God (almost implied Bopen?) that'll trigger.   Then at the very end it sounds like the Divine Decision for this campaign will possibly determine Ghostblade's fate.   That or it'll be another donation-based vote event.  
  • Maelstrom wont die this campaign or in this season, mark my words. He just ascended last campaign for like thousands of bucks. I doubt Rob would pull another Ressi Gandolin. @Sorenthaz
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    This campaign might clash dangerously with Eurovision, thank god I have two screens so I can watch both. Hoping by some miracle Justin pulls a greater lay on hands out from the void and inadvertently triggers the fifth sin.
  • I think it was 5000 bucks for him to ascend
  • @The_Pez ikr. once i get home from work its all about setting everything up to make sure i can watch both at once
  • I can't wait another 4 hours
  • That CC has got me hyped! So excited to see just how intense this final encounter is.
  • I'm excited. First campaign ever I'll actually be able to catch live in its entirety.
  • I'm thinking that Final Talon may be the birthplace of any characters we create.
    " one of the last things ever created" so we don't know a lot about creation magic and the creation of the world, but i'm thinking there might be some creation magic left in the final talon, which would help the creation of our character. Also the Dragon aspects tried to ressurect Phanto here, and there must have been a reason for choosing this place. The halls are also still filled with gold, which we know is used for magic.
    "but now this is where the hope begins again" this could refer to Maelstroms ascension to godhood, but it could also refer to the Old God we will create.
    Your thoughts?
  • She met her end in a good fun family friendly way @TamTroll
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 some donation events should not be fully funded .-.
  • But rob needs his $_$ @TamTroll
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    The question below is a spoiler for the last beenu campaign:

    Did we receive xp for killing Bei Mei Xhir't and the dwarven king and other killed npc?

  • Probably. We all know Rob rewards murder. @Spacewalker
  • @Sweatingdwarf123 ; i mean, you could always put that money to other donations, he still gets it if you donate to an event that's fully funded :P AND we get blood tears from that!
  • I feel like this game has sold the idea to me that different levels of death rolls deserve different music. Norma death rolls vs brutal death rolls vs impossible death rolls should probably have different ambient effects/visuals.
  • so spoiler question about that last act

    Deadbones should have lived because he was freed by nisovin before the round ended. 

    It's actually kinda funny too because Rob said the enemies wouldn't free a player in the egg, but nisovin broke it.

  • @Palotheas Eh, if he'd lived, Niso wouldn't have a fucking Ak-47, so I'm glad things went the way they did  :)

    also spoiler ^ (how dya put text above a placed spoiler?)

  • So I missed the last 10 minutes before the divine decision. What did I miss?
  • @Palotheas

    noo. it WAS the end of the round. the player's turn ended, and none of the enemy NPC's were going to help him. he ded son.
  • @Palotheas A lot about the act miffed me. Obviously there was a lot going on for rob to pay attention to, but golly.

    I might be misunderstanding, but Justin had fireburp and blizzard giving him two ice spells.

    Also the fact that Spiff started to say she wanted to grapple with Nisovin and Rob stopped to fully explain to her. Obviously he was just being helpful, but its entirely possible she could have rolled to grapple the gun out of his hand. 

    Again no hard feelings against rob for his GM work its just hard not to get passionate about little things like this when you get so engrossed into the show. 
  • Justin now has the first immortal character, his legendary means he literally cannot die.
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    TBF Rob cheated the hell out of that, as it said on the card he should have lived lol.

    (Also Quintara didn't roll a 20 she rolled a 7 which Justin would have survived but Rob forgot and re-rolled it into a 20)

    Edit: No I'm not salty, loved the show
  • Mister Ghostblade, I don't feel so good
  • eeeyyy i was able to see an entire campaign live for once!
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