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Campaign Thread: The Last Beenu



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    Just gonna say, feel it would be cool if Junkyosha secretly requires its user to sacrifice their soul to it in order for it to work. That way Ghostblade can literally become a ghost in the blade. >:)
  • @kreeperkiller63 Magical Insemination  :p
  • the fact that Ghostblade birth name is Norokoh X'shirt is kind of interesting. Lyn didn't give her the Azveltara family name.
  • @LexderMob i'm going to assume that Lyn just couldn't ever get herself to love a beenu. Lyn probably never respected, or trained Ghostblade because she was a beenu.
  • @kreeperkiller63 ; yeah that´s probably it. i have started feeling more and more bad for Ghostblade. becoming more and more clear that she is a Victim of her upbringing.
  • Lyn also seems to not want Ghostblade to have been an assassin, that might have been another part of the reason she didn’t want to give her the Azveltara name.
  • I think it would be fun for any other Benu we meet to be named after a bird from our world
  • Still waiting on Tree Azveltara.
  • Another reason she might not have wanted Norokoh to be an Assassin would probably be because she can't establish Lover's bond with her for... obvious reasons.
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    So we have 4 campaigns left this season. We have The Last Beenu, campaign 9, campaign 10, and Craft an old god divine.

    my question is what will campaign 9 and 10 look like, I have no idea what to expect campaign 9 to look like. 

    But I’m going to guess that campaign 10 the finale will have to do with Lyn, as this really was Lyn’s season. We have seen Lyn is just about every campaign this season, so i feel like we can expect to have Lyn’s story to be wrapped up.
  • Im so excited and so disappointed I won't be able to watch the whole campaign live 
  • oof imma not be able to be present for the campaign, feels bad man
  • Gunna be playing catch-up again thanks to work, but still donated as always. Really looking forward to seeing what led to Ghostblade becoming a cold-hearted killer! 
  • skipping a D&D game to see this livestream, Rob keeps scheduling Urelms on the same days that i go into the city for six hours to play D&D, so i always miss everything by the time i get back :P Not this time universe!
  • Gonna be the first time I can't watch the full stream... Stupid Shrek the Musical!
  • Soo hyped for this

  • CC is up
  • I am excited for this campaign. From Rob's reactions it seems like our bois (Spiff is also a boi) may be able to seriously mess with important characters with their builds. Justin in particular had Rawb shaking. 

    On a side note, Roamin, in awe at the size of this lad. Absolute unit.
  • In defence of romin i offer a counter point. If  the flesh golem is a 2x2 character and has 80 stamina. we can  break it down. 
    Thats about 20 stamina per square,  so a 3x3 would be at minimum 180 stamina.
  • if Roamin really needs extra stamina he could sell some stuff maybe? every 10 gold is 1 stamina after all.
  • @Sonderp we ain't game of thrones yet.
  • Just watched the CC and already I can see that this is another one of those campaigns where the players can fuck up the story with OP shenanigans.
  • alright, lets hope that the final boss is a magical creature. Justin pulls Rebirth and High Rolls it :evilsmile: 

  • So, quick math for the giant golem. As a 2x2 at 80 stamina, each square needs 20 stamina. As such, for 3x3 you need 180 stamina (9x20), so Roamin should be able to manage it.
    However, if you increase height, you need to do 180xH stamina, where H is the ratio between the original and new height
  • The "yet" part worries me D: Rob
  • We really should be handling this as a volumes. Large tiles have universally been tall and massive tiles have universally been even taller.

    So if we assume tiles are cubes, then a regular tile is a single cube, a 2x2 large tile would effectively be 8 cubes, and a 3x3 tile would be 27 cubes.

    With our 2x2 being 80 stamina, that is 10 stamina for each cube. Scale that up to 3x3 and it would be a minimum of 270 stamina.

    Also don't forget Roamin's 5 extra stamina from makeshift armor.
  • I'm pretty sure Roamin could have made it to 200 by selling a few items and making Midas Shield give more stamina @Harkmagic
  • As cool as it would be I think I would rather Roamin drop the idea, he already has an awesome character. Just needs to drop the righteous thing.
  • @CookiesAndMil_ ;
    inb4 final boss is ghostblade
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