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Missing Avatars or EXP from Galen Sunsword?



  • Believe I'm in the same situation that Sonderp was where it wasn't doubled originally. 

    Would be wonderful if it could be fixed before the Campaign tomorrow but wouldn't be the end of the world  :3
  • I was at the start of level 17 before the glitch and I'm still at level 15. Not unless I got more experience than intended, beats me.
  • @ThePhatSass ... ... ... way to miss the joke :)
  • @Sgtslow This thread is filled with people who are actually missing stuff. There was nothing in your comment to tell anyone that you were joking. 
  • i think my exp might be wrong im not sure? sorry if it isn't
  • @Badzee This is fixed.
  • @Jericho Yes, you were given an additional 10k XP. That was removed from your account as you did not win the race.
  • @Jaden582 Your XP looks fine to me. You were awarded an extra 20k XP for winning the race, but you did not win that race and that was removed from your account.
  • @Rob thanks for clearing that up! Appreciate it mate
  • Thanks Rob
  • i think i'm missing a few avatars options and badges, i believe i'm fine on my exp.
  • @BanditMarx You aren't donating to the campaigns. Avatars are given to users who donate to campaigns.
  • oh durrr, apologies Rob.
  • I dont have the avatars (and possibly the gold and xp) for last campaign does it just take a while or did something go wrong?
  • @Mordez if you are talking about Last Beenu then they are not out yet (it usedly take a week or 2 I would say for them to come out) 
  • @Mordez Yes. There is a website update on the front page for when campaign rewards are done. You are somehow expecting avatars to already be done for the characters of the campaign that just happened haha. It takes Sixelona a bit longer than that!
  • @Rob I get that it takes some time but i remember getting placeholders before
  • But six is the best! There is no way she didn't just bust out all the characters when they first appeared on screen! I bet she had them done by the end of character creation and is just holding out on us. 
  • @Mordez placeholders were only around for GPO avatars.
  • @Kyle And Senate and AZ
  • @Kyle Those were the only avatars i got so i didnt know that
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          I had showed up to watch the Last Beenu campaign, but got nothing from the said event myself, i'm sure I even said something in chat..............     

            p.s.- If i am for some reason mistaken on the matter, apologies for the disturbance.
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    @Robossio it takes at least 2 weeks for campaign rewards to be administered for a campaign--there's the behindthescenes logistics on the website, the art for the Blood Tears and the avatars--it's not exactly instantaneous, is what I'm saying
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    @PoppyrusRose Ah, thank you for the informative assistance.
            I guess i'll be waiting.      :)

    p.s.- sorry for the disturbance.
  • @Robossio This thread was made after the Galen Sunsword Private Investigator campaign. There is a website update on the front page for when campaign rewards are done. The campaign rewards for the Last Beenu have not even been given out yet. You are mistaken.
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    @Meganzoor Sorry. i tend to be forgetful. my memory serves me horribly on occasion.     :o
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