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Looking for 3 players for long term UR group (GM is also welcome) [CLOSED]

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A friend and me are looking for 3 more people to play URealms with (semi) regularly.
My friend is gonna be the GM first, but others are welcome to GM future campaigns.
We'd really prefer europeans because it makes time zones much less of a hassle. (Also please have atleast a decent grasp on english, but I don't think that should be a big problem here. :drunk: )
We'd also prefer to do Character Creation atleast a day before actual campaign, so everyone has little bit of time to think up a good backstory and the GM can edit the campaign a little if necessary.
Also, from experience, sometimes the campaigns might need to be split into multiple sessions when people get too tired.
Personally, Saturdays are by far the best option for me. Tuesday and Friday are the only other days that can be a "maybe". My friend has much more leniency with timing though.

We'll use Discord for organising and running the games, and Tabletop Sim ofcourse.

3 NO slots open! :oh: 


  • I might want to join. Might only be able to start in a month or so but Id be very happy to play.
    We would be playing on tabletop simulator.
  • Been wanting to get into a community game for a good while, I've love to play! 
    I'm Scottish so time-zone/english won't be an issue.
  • I'm also up to join in as a fellow Zee myself, over in England & I'm English so no issues there  :)
  • @Magus_Auhlren
    Have you taken a look at the "Urealms Unified" discord server? We've got over 200 people and games fairly regularly (with more to come as school comes to an end). You'd be able to find some games to play there!

    And best of luck with your search Zeeboon!
  • @Zeeboon , I've been desperately trying to get in on some games. Bit of a noob (as in I literally only got tabletop on my computer 3 weeks ago, haha) but I'd love to join if I can :3
  • Need an European for Sundays or Friday evenings, I am your guy.
  • do you have anymore room for 1 more person?

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