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Drawing every day for a year (106 out of 365 complete) I'm back?



  • @Javo Skulls are looking good. Spirit is kinda reminiscent of spiritomb!

    @TheGallantKnight Fun to see some design stuff. Has your group picked one yet?

    @Qu33nAce Glad you like it!

    Here's two to make up for yesterday. The first one is a grumpy monkey from a side project I've been working on, and the second is yumi and squinks for the month of urealms


  • You guys are so close I know I kind of dropped out of the challenge but I love to drop in, I keep drawing and I'm going to a big Hobbycraft (UK art store) this Saturday and I'm going to buy some arty shit so I'm might make something fancy with that and pop it on here with some of the in-between drawings I've done. For now, enjoy this Twitch rainbow

    (I did add coloured lines to the rainbow but trust me it looks better)
    Keep up the good work and I shall return soon  :)
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    Holy moly! Is this still going on? Nice work my man!
    Also, you found my weakness! MHA! Well I agree with you that Midorya looks a bit off, the perspective seems quite difficult. Ururaka looks amazing though!
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    The spirit looks pretty cool, and has some nice colors.

    The grumpy monkey has a really cool art style, and the Yumi and squinks look cute. 

    @Melijeli ;
    The twitch rainbow is pretty cool, and I SHALL WAIT FOR YOUR RETURN.

    Thanks for the complement and yeah Izuku does look off. What I really wanted to do was an illusion of movement somehow so I wasn't caring how it looked. *I was very tired* (Also cough cough I may be doing more My hero academy art tomorrow cough cough.)

    Well my english project is killing me so I'm just going to show what the two (Simple) characters look like when they're going to talk. (My group wanted the Extra credits style so its going to look like what they do)

    64 and 65/ 365

  • @Melijeli Good to see you back! Rainbow looks good and I'd love to see whatever you make with your cool new stuff on Saturday! :p

    @TheGallantKnight I hope you're not going to animate that frame by frame! Definitely got that extra credits look down, too.

    Just a quick one today, Templeton! Starting a new job in a few days so I'm a bit short on time at the moment  :o
  • Here's one for today! (81/365)

  • @Javo I'm not sure that "fun" can is properly sealed! Loving the colours and smokey effect.

    May the fourth today! A Jawa from starwars, ft. real colours.


    Also if anyone is interested, Autodesk Sketchbook has been released for free! Worth a look, personally I'm a big fan of the animation tools but obviously it does other stuff too :p
  • @Femmipoo I'm really glad you mentioned Autodesk I had it a while ago and was disappointed most features were premium, so I'm really glad they made it free. It's an awesome drawing, happy Star Wars day!  :3
  • ...hey...its mermay right? some mermaids would be pretty cool
  • Here's one @Qu33nAce !

    It isn't quite complete, but this is all the time I had
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    I finally finished all of my finals, so I now should have more time to draw! Now today's drawing is a complete zero effort sketch of a moment on Rob's Radical Heights stream, during which this happens

    So without Further ado, Abdication By C4! 
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    @Melijeli Glad you found it helpful! Did you make it to Hobbycraft? :)

    @Javo Nice to see a background! Mermaid is looking good too, I'd love to see a finished version of this if you get around to it!

    @siennamydog I watched that stream but I didn't notice that was you! Zero effort or not, the end result is nice. :p

    Hoping to get back on shcedule in the next couple of days, but here's some doodles in the mean time.


  • Dude well done getting this far, can’t wait to see what you got next
  • Here's a weird one for today!

  • And here's one for yesterday! These are a bit low quality, but I'm trying to get used to autodesk, so bear with me!

  • @Femmipoo You bet I did I have taken pictures of stuff but my camera is fudged rn

  • Here's one for today!

  • Enjoy my shtuff!
    all of my pens, brushes & sketchbooks.
    it's good to do more art again <3

    Watercolour painting. 06/05/18

    Winsor & Newton Brushmarkers and my Posca pen, Sweets, Orange and a Lemon. 07/05/18

    The Brushmarkers themselves.

    Winsor & Newton Ink (so excited to properly use these).

    My new sketchbooks a Daler Rowney smooth watercolour paper and a random cheap large sketchbook.

    My new brushes, my Copic Ciao black pen and blending pen and my fine Posca pen.

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    Here is mine for today! (86)

  • i feel im really late to this
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    @Javo Great stuff! I love the cosmic kiwi and the most recent one especially. Are you still using sketchbook, what are your thoughts on it?  :p

    @Melijeli Looking excellent. I like the blending with the markers and the watercolour is really good too! Personally I find watercolours really difficult lol. Are you planning on using those inks for dip pens or brush work, or something else? I love ink so I'm keen to see some of that :kiss:

    @Qu33nAce It's about time! Better late than never :) That's one proud looking good boy.

    Been busy the last couple of days but hopefully I'm back on track now. First of three we have a minotaur blacksmith.


    And next, a bee person. They were brought up in an old stream and I've always thought they were pretty cool so here it is. I forgot to unflip it in photoshop but it's just doodles so I'm just gonna leave it.

    I got some cheapo no-name alcohol markers today and I actually like them a lot, so I drew a mermaid with them. Might've gone overboard on the white pen though lol.

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    @Femmipoo I do own a dip pen with a few nibs that I got in a calligraphy set and I might use brushes I think it'd be nice to use a combination of both I'm really excited considering I haven't really used ink before, I find watercolour difficult at times but I've just always used it because I own watercolour pens and pencils so I've gotten used to it.

    You can never go overboard with the white pen I love the mermaid I like all the little details, I love the minotaur I think that's something you're good at drawing that is essentially a strange talent, the bee person just looks fierce. 
  • ill catch up eventually....maybe

  • Here's one for today! Also, welcome to the challenge @Qu33nAce ;
    Oh and @Femmipoo I am still using sketchbook, and so far it is great! What tools do you usually use?

  • heres my next two little guys, one being a clockodile

  • Here's one for today!

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    @Melijeli Sounds cool! Ink and brush is sorta similar to watercolor. Dip pens are about as you'd expect lol. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them!

    @Qu33nAce If you keep doing two a day you'll probably catch up pretty quickly! I love the way you mash up animals, they're really cute :p

    @Javo I've had a bit of trouble getting it to play nice with my non-wacom tablet but I really like the felt-tip and ballpoint default brushes. I've heard a lot of people like the pencil but I'm not a huge fan of it. The animation/flipbook stuff is cool too, a lot more straightforward than a lot of other animation programs. I also like the ellipse guides and perspective tools. It's a really neat program and I'll have to fiddle with it some more.

    Couldn't get on the site last night so here's yesterday's; sketchbook doodles of people with masks, ft. bad photoshopping to make it all fit.

  • Another person wearing a mask for today, this time with a tiny dragon.

  •  just kulu and boo, hanging out

  • Here is one for today!

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