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    @Laito ;  tragedy is the beginning and cause for every great story ever written. i simply plan to provide a ton of that so that Rob and the others can build great storys out of that, beside everyone else always vote to save life any way. so good to have at lest one that wants the opposite
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    @LexderMob ; A million dead is a statistic, not a tragedy. Though if Maelstrom isn't going to be around the point is somewhat moot, I guess.

    Dunno. I can't see a good move to make this campaign, to a certain extent I think what we ask for this time will arrive too late. Rob has to plan stuff far in advance.

    Still open to suggestions, just not going to jump at arbitrary, unselective destruction.
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    @Laito ;  what we do is within the limits of what rob allow. it will never be unselective destruction. he will always decide what we get to destroy, i am clearly exaggerating a bit. but to give a more clear and not jocky image of what i want. a new contester in the world and a goal for that force, like a new form of power to compete fore or a race/county that could turn the tides. but what i want Maelstrom to do is to make us known in the world.
  • @LexderMob To what end do you want us to be known to the world? Is there a purpose to it?
  • @Laito ;  i want larger amount of followers temples and a statues. or if i'm stop being silly for a moment, the reaction of everyone having to figure out what to do with us. will they try to fight us? will they try to learn more about us? will there be a battle between the different fates? how would a world wide reveal effect the many races and folks? so curiosity and hope for it to make a great story is really why.
  • @LexderMob Alright, understandable. We're already getting a number of these things though. We have an example iteration in Galen, someone who very clearly resents us for what we have done with his sister. We have another in Maelstrom, someone who embraces us fully. These are both interesting reactions.

    What concerns me is that if this knowledge were to become that widespread, it would result in the reactions becoming more staple. Less intriguing to see as it appears again and again.

    And idk, kinda concerned about wearing it out. It's the sort of large scale revelation you can only have once, and then you're stuck with it if people believe it.

    Got to be careful to a degree about keeping up the mystique, I think.
  • @Laito ; yeah the reaction from Galen really made me wanna see what happens if we made our name in to more of a religion. i don´t think we would wear it out, it is not like we plan to create hundreds of sinners or anything. but just give some without fate something to believe in. i could easy see ageless and other groups in hard times be willing to embrace our name in to there hearts. and some might like Galen come to blame us for there sorrows. maybe they even figure out that we where behind Phantos death.
  • This is fine.
  • After reading Sintour front page message I really want to ask him does he paint little trees (or what ever the bob Ross joke goes)  ~_~
  • we cant have a pure utopia in this world and we cant have a pure dystopia so let us enjoy pieces of different cakes 
  • I feel like you could tell a marked character to go to ninjaroo and whether or not they get there during this campaign, at least you tried.
  • I just read this entire forum....

     I feel accomplished
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    @erock1118 how long did it take you? also it cant be as bad as reading the entire kobold genitalia thread, like i have twice.
  • @kreeperkiller63 like 1 and a half hours with a 20min break in the middle.
  • hmm, you know how maelstrom made a deal with one of the old gods. i'm wondering if we should tell him to back off, tell him do not trust the old god that told him that, as they did not inform the rest of us first.
  • @kreeperkiller63 Based off the fact that a skull with a 5 tallied on its forehead came up when he said that, I'm guessing that "deal" is related to what happens when we get the 5th sin and that old god he made a deal with was probably Rob lol
  • @guk8726 what i was thinking that is the deal that was made would have had the fate worst than death fall upon maelstrom, which is something i would want him to avoid.
  • Now I'm curious as to how much we can affect the story. What would happen if we warned maelstrom of a possible betrayal or lie. 

    We don't know the full story so maybe this deal is for maelstrom to cause the fate worse than death on a certain character. Right now it seems as though he will be betrayed but we may not yet know enough about the situation. 

    That said, if someone like @Caprikel was to warn maelstrom, you could only say that the deal may be a trick, not that we know it's a trick. 
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    We could tell maelstrom that we do not know who made him this deal, and we don't know what the deal is. And he shouldn't take action upon this deal. @Fera ;
  • I'm assuming the deal Maelstrom is referring is linked to the fate worse than death, in the original Unforgotten realms show someone who got the fate worse than death got taken over by a dark entity, losing themselves to it, he way Maelstrom talks about his death makes me think that Maelstrom will inhabit the body of the character that gets a fate worse then death
  • @Murlin22 That would imply that Maelstrom is going to die before the "Fate worse than death", or that he will inhabit two bodies. That doesn't explain the whole what happens to maelstrom after he himself dies.
  • @DungeonDavid ;
    i mean ultimately Rob has control over whether or not it's possible to gain a sin unless you get it from a random greater layonhands so it's certainly possible for rob to wait for his death before allowing the final sin to go off, and making sure all the campaigns that come closely after it, come after the final sin has activated ( timeline wise ) and are in the future, meaning no time travel effecting the past paradox events, but Rob is Rob so it'll most likely not be at all what we're expecting, he loves subverting expectations after all. ( I think he would have like Avengers Infinty war )
  • @DungeonDavid ;
    Isn't Maelstrom a Sun Dragon God or a Sun Dragon God in the making. I don't think he'd need to die to inhabit someones body
  • @Fera I think more of the point is that the deal for Maelstrom is that he has something for him after he dies. Not for him to get another body in this realm
  • Maybe Rob just offered to give him a cute little bow to wear.
  • @DungeonDavid
    Ohh, i guess my response was better targeted at @Murlin22 ;

    @Maris you could tie him up in ribbons  ;)
  • @Fera ;
    i mean Maelstrom himself said that we will eventually kill him like everyone in urealms except maybe characters that go completely meta like Nader seems to have gone, honestly I'm just basing it on the fact that the skull had 5 marks on it and there are five sins, and the original unforgotten realms sin rules, Rob's probably to sneaky for me
  • Okay, I might have missed the loop and maybe this was addressed somewhere but is it a "thing" where winning the DD and "officially" joining the Order of Chaos gives you a new profile pic? I've seen like @Caprikel and @TaeyRurj (they're probably the best people to answer this) have this like dark looking profile pics, is that like an extra prize? A more customized pic?
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    @Sambo something like that, yeah--I know that they essentially commissioned their PFPs from Sixerongus BC I watch her streams, but the ppl you tagged prolly are the best ones to ask
  • What if the 5 marks on the skull means the 5th sinner, not the one in Urealms to come, but the 5th DD winner, Solarice? Maybe he made a deal with Maelstrom
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