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Ouro'as and Sin of the Unforgotten

For those of you who don't know, Ouro'as is the Dragon Aspect of Light, also commonly known as The Light. Being the god of light magic, he's heavily revered by the Paladin Order and Sunswords. Ouro'ashas the ability to listen to the Old Gods, or at the very least Rob. In the Order of Chaos board, Rob says hello to various characters, including Nader, Maelstrom, and Ouro'as. 

With the recent preview video for The Last Beenu campaign, we can speculate how Ouro'as gained this ability. Maelstrom states that Final Talon is one of the last places built before the Beenu were wiped out. It was the place where the Dragon Aspects gathered to revive the dead Sun Dragon God Phanto, filling Final Talon with gold, and failed. Maelstrom then says "This is where the light first died", showing a picture of Ouro'as and Kallisto. 

Likely, Ouro'as and the other Dragon Aspects attempted to revive Phanto through tremendous amounts of gold, which is also considered the magic of Urealms. The plan backfired, resulting in the death of or at the very least injury to Ouro'as. In doing this, Ouro'as could have recieved a Sin of the Unforgotten, or something similar. This makes sense considering Galen received a Sin for reviving a character, and even more so considering Phanto was killed by the Old Gods themselves, and attempting to revert this death may have given Ouro'as insight into the Old Gods.

What do you guys think? Personally I find it very funny the fact the the Grand Paladin Order worships a god that knows that it has gods above itself. If this information got out, it'd likely shake the faith characters have in The Light


  • I don't know If Ouro'as has a sin, at least not for trying to bring Phanto back. For one, if all the dragons tried to bring Phanto back, all of them would have gotten a sin. Moreover, the attempt failed and as Lynn Azvultara Gaiden showed, if the conditions for getting a sin aren't properly met, the sin won't count. So sins can happen to characters who bring someone else back to life, but since Phanto wasn't properly brought back, I think it would be a similar situation to Lynn getting a sin at the start of the Gaiden campaign, then having it removed cause she never failed a death roll in the campaign, which was the condition for her getting the sin in the first place.
  • one thing that might be interesting to note is how Ouro'as tried to resurrect Phanto yet Ouro'as also created the greaterlayonhands which allows characters to resurrect recently deceased characters

  • I think that's a really good point about using a lot of gold, because in the sandbolds campaign there was a lot of gold strewn about in the final talon. 
  • But that's the idea behind the Legendary / Greater Lay on Hands, Ouro'as created it for others to use to gain Sins like they did. That way, they set in motion the possibilities for us Old Gods to talk to characters. That idea would mean this is how Sins of the Unforgotten were first created and carried through the Urealms universe. (Although this is still an idea)
  • I'm not sure it has a sin but I would like to say that Rob specifically says hi to Ouro'as in the Order of Chaos board.
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